20 Best Styling Products for Type 2 Wavy Hair

Twenty of the best gels, creams, sprays and more to help the wavy girls out there achieve beach-wave status!

Top 9 Refreshers for Wavy Hair

Looking for products that don’t just weigh down your waves? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

13 Short Naturally Wavy Hairstyles to Try Next

Find the right cut to let your natural waves shine.

How to Clump Your Waves For Better Definition

This is how I keep my wavy hair from being frizzy by using my top defining technique.

How to Add Volume to Wavy Hair by Using the Rainbow Clipping Method

ATTENTION, 2As! You with the flat crown and “swavy” hair. You too can create volume and curl at your crown with the rainbow clipping technique!


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TextureTales: Sydney's Wavy Hair Transformation

“I always wanted really curly hair but it took time to realize I don’t have 3C hair. My hair is unique and beautiful. I just wish I could’ve realized that sooner.”

How to “Brush Coil” Wavy Hair for Big Juicy Ringlets

Wavies love it because it makes a consistent curl pattern, and helps to clump.

How to Manage Cowlicks in the Front of Your Hair

While they can provide you with instant volume with the flip of a part, they can also be a challenge to work with.

5 Tips to Add Shine to Wavy Hair Without Weighing it Down

Bring on the shine, and banish the frizz with these tips and products. A little extra TLC (and moisture) is needed as the seasons change.

The Best Volumizing Sprays for Fine Thin Wavy Hair

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6 Tips to Dry Wavy Hair Faster With No Frizz

Try these tips to speed up your drying process.