It can happen in an instant or overtime, but whatever the reason, your hair is now dry and damaged. Luckily, depending on the problem, there is always some hair rescue to be had. From products to a good cut, there's a lot you can do to restore dry and damaged curly hair to full health. But first, you have to know what damaged your hair and what works best to restore that particular kind of damage.

What Caused the Damage?

  1. Natural Progression Damage: Hair damage can happen even if you don’t realize it. It could be the shampoo or conditioner you’re using, or other hair care products. You’re noticing that your hair is limp and lifeless, possibly with split ends. Luckily this damage is the easiest to fix.
  2. Over Processing Damage: We all want change sometimes, but when it comes to constant hair coloring and bleaching, your hair might not appreciate that perfect shade if it took you five tries in a matter of weeks. Depending on your hair type, there is a way of restoring your hair.
  3. Heat Damaged Hair: There are extreme ways you can absolutely ruin your hair. Burning your hair either via birthday candles or a hair straightener is definitely one way. Constant heat will dry out your hair over time. If this is your hair, there is a cure!
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Rough brushing and handling in general also causes breakage and damage, so comb it gently! To restore there's this line called pro naturals and they have good argan oil leave in heat protectant which is really really good !