Ouidad Q&A: My Hair is Frizzy and Big!

2011-04-14 08:16:03

Ouidad Q&A: My Hair is Frizzy and Big!

The Queen of Curl answers your curly hair questions.

Dear Ouidad: My hair is out of control in the morning when I wake up. It's frizzy and big. As a teen I always wear my hair up, which my mom hates. I am starting high school in a few weeks and need a new hairstyle. Whenever I wear my hair down, it's usually just in a head band. I need something that is quick and easy for school. Please help.

A: The best way to reduce frizz is to nourish your curls from the inside out. Start with a Deep Treatment every two weeks to keep your curls healthy and frizz-free. For a quick way to style your curls check out the 4-Minute Curls video that highlights our Rake & Shake technique meant to get your curls styled beautifully every day. Also consider a Carve & Slice cut to keep your curls easy to maintain and style.

I am around the same age as you and my hair as of the beginning of this year was absolutely horrible! I have super thick, frizzy hair that cannot be worn down.ever. But my hair stylist? friend tried a new product from phytospecific called phytorelaxer. It actually worked really wel when she used the medium level product. Rather than straighten your hair it just relaxes it, making it thinner and wayyyy easier to control. Good luck!
Frizzy hairs are difficult to manage. Some people have complex about it too.You can over come this by adopting some continuous basis techniques.First of all select shampoo and conditioner which is best for frizzy hair.Try to manage a oil that is available in market too, which is used before hair wash for curly hair.Before washing,put it in to your scalps and massage in to your head...after half hour wash your head.The use of this method,will definitely help you to over come on your frizzy ness. Disney