Rinse with Cold Water to Lock in Conditioner

2011-06-09 09:54:27

Rinse with Cold Water to Lock in Conditioner

How to avoid hair color fade


Hot water fades color! We all feel the need for a hotter shower in winter but try to turn the temperature down. Before stepping out of the shower, rinse hair with the coldest water you can stand, as it helps lock in conditioner for great shine.

James Joseph Salon owner William George

I just read last month on Yahoo! news that ribsing hair in cold water is one of the hair care myths. There was a list of about 10 myths, starting with the cold water idea. i still do it, even though I didn't know it was supposed to lock-in color (I just started coloring). Doesn't your hair continue to go gray regarles of what you do? Gosh, I'm clueless.