There's been a bit of a hubbub about hair growth remedies these days. Men often turn to toupees or hairpieces, but women don't necessarily have that option. One of many recently popular hair growth remedies that have surfaced is black seed oil.

However, even though it's marketed to boost hair growth, not a lot is known about it. What is this so-called black seed oil? What does it do, and does it have any true application to the growth or re-growth of hair?

What Is It?

And why the confusion?

Part of the confusion with this oil is not the oil itself, but the dozens of different types of “black seeds.” Often times, it's confused with cumin and other spices. However, research shows that there is only one black seed used for medicinal purposes, which can be one, of what may be many, hair growth remedies out there.

The Black Seed Oil Problem

Science isn't sure

There are several websites that boast of black seed’s near-magical properties, but all of those websites are selling a product. This makes some of the general information a bit problematic for consumers, especially those who want to be savvy about their purchases.

So, what’s the good news? Black seed oil has been scientifically proven to help with a variety of ailments, both in lab rats and in humans, including colitis, reduction of cancer growth and boosting the immune system.

Unfortunately, in regards to black seed oil as one of many hair growth remedies, there is bad news. There is no information on the benefits of black seed oil in regards to hair growth, and I looked through tons medical journals and medical journal databases! However, that's not to say that anecdotal evidence doesn't exist.

The Black Seed Oil Low Down

And our conclusion!

Even if there aren't any proven results in medical journal databases, the non-e-commerce side of the Internet is boasting that black seed oil contains essential fatty acids to promote a healthy body, and state the oil is one of the many hair growth remedies to prevent hair thinning and promote healthy growth of hair.

Overall, shrouded in mystery, black seed oil has been proven time and time again to boost the body's ability to strengthen and heal, but the jury is still out as to its help with hair growth. As of yet, no official scientific studies are available via some of the largest medical databases in the nation. This is problematic for those who want details and want to know how it works. That information, at least concerning how the oil can speed up hair growth, just does not exist.

That being said, black seed oil is healthy for you. It has the ingredients that other hair growth remedies boast, and there is anecdotal evidence, in spite of the lack of scientific evidence.

What We Think

  • Black seed oil is natural remedy worth looking into.
  • Along with a doctor's recommendation and the proper dosage, black seed oil can help with a variety of health issues and make you feel good as new.
  • We just aren’t so sure the oil can help to grow your hair.
  • Have you had hair growth success with black seed oil? Let us know!

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