4 Tips for Detangling Wavy Hair

2012-08-09 16:13:33

4 Tips for Detangling Wavy Hair

Detangling tips for keeping your wavy tresses free from knots and snarls.

To keep your wavy hair in top shape this summer (and at all times for that matter), detangling is a must! There is no way to get great wavy hairstyles and maintain healthy hair if it's tangled and matted. Product buildup, styling and just everyday movement will cause your waves to tangle, so it is important to take the time to properly cleanse and then detangle your hair. Then you can start styling your tresses on a fresh canvas!

Here are some detangling tips for keeping your wavy tresses out free from knots and snarls.

1. Detangle Regularly

Whether you're a wavy who washes or co-washes everyday or a few times a week, it's a good idea to make sure you detangle whenever you wash. This will ensure that you are detangling your hair on a regular schedule.

2. Detangle When Wet

If you detangle after washing, then your hair will be conveniently wet and ready for detangling. In the case that you should need a pre-cleansing detangling session to save your waves after a complex (but fabulous) hairstyle, don't fret. Just use a spray bottle or wet your hair a bit in the sink to start. Some wavies may be able to detangle with just water, but there is something you can do to facilitate the detangling process.

3. Use Conditioner

This might seem like a no-brainer, but conditioner doesn't just make it easier to detangle hair, it also protects and moisturizes your tresses while you detangle. Be sure to choose a conditioner that has a lot of slip to help your wavy strands slide past each other easily. DevaCurl One Condition is a top conditioner among wavies and curlies alike. A wavy friend of mine likes to detangle her hair with Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner, because it also keeps the frizz at bay.

As a wavy, you may or may not want a heavy conditioner that could weigh your waves down even after thorough rinsing. If you are a fine-haired wavy, you should choose a lighter conditioner with lots of slip, but make sure you use enough. If your wavy hair is coarse or tends to be dry, use a heavier conditioner with lots of slip, but don't overdo it and be sure to rinse well so your waves come out bouncy and light. Either way, you can distribute the conditioner by smoothing it down the length of your hair. When your hair is both wet and saturated with conditioner, detangling should be a breeze.

4. Use the Right Tools

Wavy girls may not have as many curves or twirls in their texture, but you should still fight the temptation to use a paddle brush (with ball tip or boar bristles) or a fine-tooth comb when detangling. You may be able to glide through your waves easily with any of those tools, but you will cause your strands hidden damage that can show up as frizz and split ends later. Those tools can yank out, snag and tear your strands, sometimes without you even noticing.

Put all of those away and grab a wide tooth comb, detangling brush, or better yet, use your fingers! These tools can make detangling your wavy hair easier without causing unnecessary damage. By using tools with more space for your hair to glide through and that won't catch on your strands, you will preserve and enhance your curl pattern and your curvy, swavy, whirly waves will thank you!


Priscilla Sodeke

Priscilla Sodeke