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Product Image Kinky-Curly Stellar Strands 8oz. | Deep Conditioner Product Rating: 4.00 Curls 1 reviews see all Kinky-Curly products

The ultimate hydrating deep treatment!

Enriched with Macadamia and... more

Product Image Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Texture Managebility System | Cleanser, Conditioner Product Rating: 3.81 Curls 16 reviews see all Dream Kids products

African Pride Dream Kids Texture Manageability Maintenance System Kit is a... more

Product Image One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo 12 oz | Cleanser Product Rating: 4.20 Curls 10 reviews see all One 'n Only products

A gentle cleansing formula that hydrates and restores moisture levels, improving... more

Product Image Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Super Softening Hair Butter 8oz. | Styler, Second Day Styler, Refresher Product Rating: 3.55 Curls 42 reviews see all Dark and Lovely Au Naturale products

Cough, ahem, cough…that's the sound of your dry, thirsty hair calling. Our... more

Product Image As I Am Leave-In Conditioner 8 fl oz | Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner Product Rating: 3.77 Curls 101 reviews see all As I Am products

A great leave-in is a vital first step in styling. Smooth it on after cleansing... more

Product Image Unwash Cleansing Conditioner 13.5 oz. | Sulfate-Free Shampoo Product Rating: 4.00 Curls 1 reviews see all Unwash products

Shampoo doesn't make much sense these days as a daily or even regular... more

Product Image Unwash Hydrating Masque 6.4 oz. | Mask Product Rating: 4.00 Curls 1 reviews see all Unwash products

Infused with ultrahydrating ingredients like argan oil and coconut oil, our... more

Product Image Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse 10 oz. | Sulfate-Free Shampoo Product Rating: 4.00 Curls 1 reviews see all Unwash products

Sure, detergents have taken a backseat to hair care, but it's still helpful to... more

Product Image Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper 8 ounces | Styler, Finisher Product Rating: 3.94 Curls 255 reviews see all Curly Hair Solutions products

Curl Keeper lets you be the boss of gorgeous, frizz-free curls. By putting... more

Product Image Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic Curl Stimulator 18 fl oz | Styler Product Rating: 4.08 Curls 25 reviews see all Uncle Funky's Daughter products

Flex your supercurl muscle naturally with our aloe-based, firm hold curl... more

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