7 Step to Minimize Heat Damage from Wands

2014-03-06 15:15:16

7 Step to Minimize Heat Damage from Wands

These precautionary steps will help prevent heat damage when using a curling wand.

Hot tools like Marcel irons and curling wands are easy, convenient means for curling your hair. An important thing to know and remember is that because tools can be very hot, they can cause damage to your hair if used incorrectly. There are three ways that heat weaken and damage hair.

The first way is by weakening and destroying the proteins that hair is composed of. Secondly, heat can disrupt the oils that help keep the strands together in the hair. And lastly, heat will dry out hair by withdrawing the internal moisture. If this happens too often, hair can be damaged easily through daily styling, which leads to split ends and breakage.