Madonna in 1987

Rare is it that a superstar of Madonna's caliber comes along. It almost seems as though there was just something to the '80s with the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston making their way into our hearts, society and culture.

Given that two of those three names above now require the term "late" as a predecessor to their names, we want to give a shout out to one of our favorite '80s superstars and watch her rock her waves through the decades.

Madonna, with you, it always like the very first time.


Madonna, here in Toronto on July 3, 1987, for a concert the next day, displays BJ the puppet, a gift from a fan, following a presentation of an award from WEA Records for selling over a million copies of her True Blue.

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Madonna at Rotterdam's Fayanoord Stadium July 24, 1990


Pop star Madonna sings to a full house at Rotterdam's Fayanoord Stadium July 24, 1990. Madonna was currently on a major concert tour of Europe.

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You forgot her brunette curls from the 'Like A Prayer'video! :)