Patti Stanger continues her tirade against curly hair

Initial response to Stanger's inflammatory curl views already are drawing a strong reaction from NaturallyCurly's community:

"Judging from Patti's personal track record, I think it's safe to say that she doesn't have a clue about what men want!"

"I'm Black and my husband is White. When I cut my hair and decided to go natural he was behind me 100%, every time I feel like giving up and relaxing he gets upset."

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"I want a man to want me; not chemicals or a hairdryer."

"I have PLENTY of men who tell me how beautiful my curly hair is! They're always quick to say how they love natural women, and how my hair makes me look exotic. Its a definite conversation starter."

"I turn more heads with curly hair then I did when I was relaxed so I disagree!"

"My husband HATES when I wear it straight...he actually gets upset cause he likes my curls sooo much!!! So, I hardly ever wear it straight anymore."

"Well, MY man loves my kinky curls and prefers natural hair over straightened hair."

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