Taylor Swift: Straight or Curly?

2012-04-05 11:38:34

Taylor Swift: Straight or Curly?

Take a look at straight and curly looks from Taylor Swift on the red carpet and let us know what you think.

Taylor Swift was barely recognizable at this year’s American Music Awards. When she was sitting at her piano and performing on stage, you had to question if it was actually Taylor or some other country/pop blonde with stick-straight hair and new bangs.

When we did a survey asking if you preferred her hair straight or curly, 62% said curly, 21% said straight, and 17% had no preference.

We think that when Taylor straightens her hair, it takes away part of her personality and what makes her unique. Not every girl has those gorgeous spiral curls, and we love that she rocks them as much as she does.

Her straight look for the AMAs got us wondering how her hair has been styled for a few of the red carpet appearances she has made over the past 2 years. Take a look at the pictures and leave a comment telling us what you think of her straight look.

2009 Academy of County Music Awards
2009 Country Music Awards
2010 Grammys
2010 American Music Awards
2010 County Music Television Awards
Performing at the 2010 AMA's
i think she still looks good without the bangs straight
when she recurls her hair with a curling iron its less curly then it really is. naturally, it could probaly pass of as 3b, just look at the cover of her first album. she usually wears her hair in braids though so its just sorta a wavy, then at her concerts and stuff like that she "recurls" it. i think she looks good in both, personally i like the curly better. even my mom who has straight hair sais she likes her with curly better. i like the bangs, but the straight hair just reminds me of something. with her new song better than revenge and her new hair it seems like she is sorta going for that grown up, blonde 20 year old look. sorta reminds me of a brittany spears song. cuz in better than reveenge she says "and shes better known for the things that she does on the mattres", i also think this new hairstyle makes her look older. but i like the bangs. but i think now she wears her hair straight just about all the time, especially with the bangs. sorry that was
Honestly, I don't think it matters. The girl is unattractive regardless of whether her hair is straight or curly. :/
i definitely like the curly better for her. i know that it's not natural, but since when do celebrities leave their homes with hair that hasn't been worked on proffesionally? her hair IS naturally curly, but she makes it better but curling it with a curling iron. i LOVE her bangs when her hair's curly; i wanna get my curls to look like that
I heartedly think she looks GREAT with both textures...the only thing is that her straight hair isn't as familiar, and make her look a bit generic, as i thought it was Taylor MOMSEN at first SWIFT if you want to stand out, i believe your curls are the way to go :)
I feel like asking this HERE is sort of a loaded question because you're asking a curly-biased group of people. So, for the most part, most of us are going to publicly defend our curly roots as well as those of celebs. But, the truth is, while she doesn't look quite as familiar when she has straight hair, she still looks great. Like AllieJ said, everyone likes to change it up every now and then. And, in reality, it's HER hair. Why does it matter whether WE like it curly or straight? Taylor's the one who has to like it.
it definately looks better curly its like she is trying to be like everyone else when she has it the other way her originality really gets lost plus for some people staight looks sheek for her it just makes her look plain jane
Curly looks better on Taylor.
Curly is def better...and someone please hand the girl a cheeseburger!
Ok, I love her curls too, but I don't understand why no one realizes that the 'curls' she usually wears, are done with a curling iron. I still can't tell what her natural texture is because her hair is always so carefully ironed, whether ironed curly or ironed straight, it's always ironed. The curls are beautiful, but NOT natural...
Totally agree with Allie. Although I personally love Taylor in curly hair, she looks great with both. I've always been a curly and I can count on one hand the times I've straightened my hair since birth. I was always comfortable with my curls. Even though I prefer my hair curly, that's not to say that it isn't really fun to rock it straight sometimes--like Taylor did at the AMAs. (And the looks of shock I get are pretty fun too!) I do think that it's great that the site promotes self-confidence in rocking what you've got. But I don't personally knock people who have curly hair for straightening it- it's their personal style and decision.
oh whatever...-_- she looks good with straight and curly hair. I don't see the big deal everyone wants to change up their style every now and then. If she wants to be curly one day then straight another so what. It's the fact that she has the confedence to rock her hair natural or not. So whatevs I think she looks great both ways, and I really dig her bangs
Definitely prefer her curly. She doesn't look like herself with straight hair.