4. Shakira

This curly she-wolf serves as an inspiration to Latinas everywhere. After failed attempts with local producers, she decided to do things her own way. The result? International fame, and a title as one of the most successful Latinas in entertainment. Sure, she’s got the hips and the curls, but did you know she is also an involved humanitarian? Shakira is passionate about a child’s right to quality education. At age 18, she created the Barefoot Foundation, a U.S non-profit and non-governmental organization partnered with the Pies Descalzos Foundation in Colombia, her native country. Named after her first album, the Barefoot Foundation not only works to spread awareness, but to provide children who are subjected to violence and poverty with education and nutritious meals. Already they have built six schools and have aided over 6,000 children. On top of that, Shakira is constantly meeting with world leaders to promote universal education, and she still has time to release a new album!