5 Tips to Heal Dry Hair

2010-10-05 08:24:36

5 Tips to Heal Dry Hair

How to fix your parched locks

We know many curly girls suffer from dry hair. With all the products we use on a daily basis, it’s hard not stress out our locks. Here are five easy tips to squeeze into your daily routine to help heal dry hair.

  • 1.  Rinse with cold water. As much as you love your steamy showers, super hot temps can fry your hair. Cold water seals in the moisture you need.

  • 2.  Let loose while sleeping. Remove all elastics, clips, bobby pins, etc. Let your curls be free!
  • 3.   Take a break from heat tools. Give your hair a day off every now and then from the curling iron, blow dryer and flat iron.
  • 4.   Deep condition. This is no joke—deep condition as much as possible. You will truly see a difference in your hair’s health factor.
  • 5.   Work with second day hair. Washing your hair every day will really dry out your curls. Instead, discover how to work with second-day hair. Maybe it’s wearing a headband. What about half-up, half-down? Or perhaps using a curl revitalizing spray. Figure out what works for you, on a night when you don’t have a hot date, and you’ll be much happier with your curls.
I've been deep conditioning every time that I wash my hair now and noticing a HUGE it!
I find that I can over condition, but when I started going naturally curly in November, my hair was desert dry from blow-drying. Deep weekly condish tx's have made a big difference, which is why I can now OVERCONDITON on occasion. I'm no longer dry as a desert, though my hair still clearly has damage from years of heat abuse (loss of elasticity for one). I have gained some elasticity through conditioning, and my hair can look utterly gorgeous 80% of the time (I don't always get pretty 2nd day hair, but pretty often, and sometimes, make it to third and fourth days). But i can't sleep with loose curls. They tangle too much with me moving around. I find a scrunchie works great to keep tangles down and give me some frizz control.
deep conditioning is a joke. i have just found out the reason that my hair sheds and gets even more tangled are the conditioners that i use and the amount that I use them in. I can use a good conditioner that promises to better my hair (like I did 2 days ago) and then today I put this other conditioner everyone raved about on this forum and I just filled up half a sandwich bag with knotted hair that I had to cut and shed hair that just fell out after I conditioned. I'm shaving. To hell with curly hair.
Good to hear about first-hand experience with these tips!
I follow these five steps and realized that second day hair really is great. I usually do wash n go’s with conditioner, EVOO, and gel (non alcohol). The first day my hair just simply looks wet; however, by day two my hair has contained moisture. I simply untie my silk scarf and use the tail of a rat tail comb and gently lift up curls. -Jessica E.