Devushka, would you care to share with us what that research is?
Actually, there's more thorough and balanced research you could have done and presented here.
I tried the Baking Soda and conditioner thing too, but it was a big time fail for me. It smelled bad, burned, and dried me out horribly! I only did it that one time and never again.
Contrary to most, I find a small amount of baking soda mixed with my favorite conditioner (TJ Nourish Spa), makes for a wonderful conditioning treatment, not just on my scalp but yes, through the length of my hair. I experience none of the ill effects others mention. It's also important to note I have low porosity hair. This just echoes the necessity of knowing your hair's specific qualities and needs and that no two curly heads are alike!
Wow good article! I do a baking soda scalp scrub every now and then, and while it cleans my scalp nicely, it always makes my hair just plain funky and somewhat dry. If I do a baking soda scrub, I'll be sure to do an ACV rinse after!
I use baking soda as a scalp cleanser to remove build-up. And as Plunkybug said you should follow anything with baking soda with a acidic rinse.
This is why you're supposed to follow a baking soda rinse with an apple cider vinegar rinse. The bs opens the cuticle and cleans and the acv closes it again after you've applied your conditioner. That should help keep it in balance. Though, that said, this isn't something that should be done terribly frequently...more of a periodic clarifying.
Great article! There is a young lady on YouTube who does a whole video series on why baking soda is not good for our (type 4) hair. Do a search for baking soda natural hair and she should come up. I wonder if the die hard baking soda fans will change their minds about using it.