It's been a little over two weeks with my Brazilian Blowout, and I'm still liking the differences. I guess I realized how subtle the differences were when I traveled to Los Angeles to meet with a client, and saw someone who had entirely different results.

Over the past two years, this woman and I have compared notes about our tight curly hair. In the course of talking to someone else at this company, they told me the woman also had gotten a Brazilian Blowout.

They brought her in, and I realized I had seen her walking by several times. but didn't recognize her at all. Her tight curls were very loose waves. And she says she only air dries her hair to get the effect.

While I really like having my hair more curly, her hair looked gorgeous—sleek and shiny and significantly straighter—something that used to take her two hours to do with a dryer and flat iron. She said some people in her own family don't recognize her.

It shows the different effects you can get with this kind of treatment, from frizz control to a significantly straighter look.

I got a Brazilian Blowout 6 months ago and I hate it hate it hate it. It ruined my hair. It took all of the body out of it and left it flat and limp. I tried to get a perm (the first one in my curly life) to get my curls back. No dice. The curls didn't even make it through the night. I'm doing everything to get rid of this thing, shampooing all the time, putting salt in my shampoo, etc., and nothing works. I'm going to have to buzz my hair off and start over.
Hi Michelle, I got a brazilian blowout from Felice after seeing your first video blog. I had 3b hair and after the treatment I had softer shinier 3a hair. It was much more manageable and less frizzy but not a huge difference in the amount of curl. I could not say that my hair was "frizz free" after the treatment like the Brazilian Blowout Company claims but it was improved. I did still have to blowdry my hair and style as I normally did, but it cut down on styling time and my hair stayed shiny and sleek for days once styled. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I am hoping for more dramatic results (looser curls that require less styling) and wonder you or any reader have any tips. Should the product be left on longer? I did notice that only a small amount of product was used during my initial treatment. Can more product be used for greater results? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Here is a link to a photo of the amount of curl I'm trying to achieve.
Hi Barbie... Yes, I'm absolutely positive that I got the Brazilian. The bottles are the same, and the process was exactly as it was shown in the video. Like I mentioned, the only thing difference is that my stylist was combing, pulling, stretching down more.
Are you absolutely positive that the treatment used was the brazilian blowout brand?
I'm so jealous... I has the Brazilian Blowout but my results were completely different. I lost all my curls :-( I'm a 3C and the only curly in my hair was about a 1/4" in my roots. Granted, I wanted to have it easier for when I blow dry and flat iron etc, but I didn't want to get rid of my curls. My hair is very thin and take all treatments very well, but this was an extreme. Now 6 months later my hair is still not back to normal. I checked your video and my process was exactly the same; I think the only difference was that while combing the product she pulled a little more to somewhat stretch the curl. When the process was finished before she dried my curls were pretty much gone. I've always been shy about speaking my mind; so I sucked it up paid the $400 and left with Chinese pin straight hair. I called the Brazilian Blowout ppl, they said the treatment should have been out of my hair by now, even if it was absorbed well. I thought about having a curly perm done, but that's not going to work with my roots being a different curl. I'm so frustrated and I hate my hair now. Have any of your heard of any way to remove this thing>> I've tried all kinds of sulfate shampoos, and nothing helped. Love your results!!!
There are actually alot of differences with Brazilian Blowout and ANY other service..there is no down time...its the only treatment that actually improves the health of the hair...can be customized for different results..This makes for a very versitile, healthy service. It does not permanently change the cortex shape. The hair goes back to where it was. But the MAIN difference is the Brazilian Blowout products. They are amazing!!! I love the masque and serum for all my hair but esp. my curly girlies...little $$ but worth it...try it I'm sure you'll like it. Michelle...your curls are gorgeous...i would like to contact your BB stylist, and chat up insider tips. Are you using the Acai aftercare? Glad you love BB!! East Coasters...Vanity Hair Studio-Potrsmouth,NH 207-289-4292(CELL) If you are looking for an amazing BB stylist-give me a shout.I wish you all good hair days:)
Rhovey, Just so you know, has a faq section where it talks about color treated should be no problem at all. The site also helps you locate certified stylists in your area. Hope this helps...
Michelle - my mom, in her 60's, has very coarse, curly hair that she colors. She straightens it daily with hair dryer & flat iron. She's traveling out of the country for several weeks next month, and when I read your blog, I thought the Brazilian blowout might be a good thing for her. She was wondering how safe it was for colored hair - any ideas? Also, does anyone know of a stylist in Houston that she can trust? Thanks!
I had the Coppolla Keratin Treayment done also and I real love it. It left my hair in better condition than it has ever been. Its been 4 weeks now. Its still super shiny and takes half the time to style. Its still a bit curly but it is so easy to do. I reall like it.
Michelle: Thank you SO much for the info...I really appreciate it. I plan on seeing one of the two stylists that you mentioned and booking an appointment within the next 2 weeks. I'll have to post/blog my results...I'm bi-racial with 3b/3c curls. So I am very anxious for the Thanks again!!! = )
I had the Coppolla Keratin treatment done. It's similar to this brazilian blowout but as I read the original blog it's my understanding that at the end of Michelle's treatment the stylist rinsed her hair and applied some kind of conditioner, then she dried it with a diffuser instead of round brush drying and flat ironing. With my treatment after applying the keratin they dried it then straight ironed - no extra rinse. I had to wait 3 days to wash my hair (not a problem since my hair is dry) and couldn't pull back because it would leave an indention. Now it is pretty straight but not like the previous japanese has more movement and body and I can roll it but even when I let it air dry it is not curly but it's not frizzy either. It's supposed to last 4-5 months. In my opinion it's safe. This didn't seem to damage my hair at all.
I would love to get this but I just cut off all of my hair due to so much damage over the years. I desperately want my hair as long as possible and I'm afraid of harming my hair in any way shape or form and ever having to get another drastic haircut. How safe is this for your hair? I LOVE the effects.
Barbie: According to the woman I was talking to Liz at Andy LeCompte salon in West Hollywood is one of "it" stylisst in LA for the BB (she does Nicole Richie's hair). For a less expensive option, Suzanna at Salon Xia in Pasadena is great and charges about $100 less.
She didn't tell me which salon she had it done at but I can email her and ask. Thanks for the nice comments about my hair1
Hi Michelle, Wow that sounds awesome...I am going to be getting this procedure done within the next couple weeks and live by the LA area. Would you happen to know which salon she had it done at..and possibly which stylist did the blowout? By the way, your hair looks amazing! I absolutely love it = )