Dear Ouidad: Is it possible to OVER condition your hair?

A: Not with my product line. My products use moisturizing proteins that are gentle and effective on curls and won’t leave them over-conditioned.

Agree xxNadyxx. I always skip over Ouidad's articles because it's just self-promotion. I don't care how awesome your product it, I'm not going to buy it if you're so "Holy Than Thou."
All her responses advertise her own products without actually helping the people.. :/
I agree with jessie
i came on here thinking i would get a real answer. this is nothing more than advertisement for an overpriced conditioner
Yes, it is possible to over-condition hair. It will likely be super soft and fluffy, possibly frizzy and very elastic. If you aren't protein sensitive, then a protein treatment might help if you get OC'd.
i second that ms. raezin
That didn't really answer the question... what if one ISN'T using your products, is it possible?