It is costly—$250 to $450, depending on the salon. But it can be a lifesaver, especially for people who straighten their hair on a regular basis. Felice, who does several Brazilian Blowouts a week, said she's still amazed at the results. And her clients have overwhelmingly been happy with the results. I am one of the few who actually wanted to keep it curly.

So far, so good!

2013 Update - My Advice:

I think people have a misconception that a keratin treatment is only for people who straighten their hair. I didn't want straight hair. I wanted more defined curls with less frizz. That's what this did for me. You do need to make sure that the stylist doing your treatment has been well trained. I've heard horror stories about people who lost their curls or ended up with damaged hair.

See a video of Michelle's experience:

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