My Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Part 1

2012-04-13 11:56:04

My Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Part 1

A documentation of one curly girl's path to frizz-free hair.

During my normal morning routine, I discovered that living in Austin will leave even my soaking-wet hair with a serious case of the frizzies!  So, it should come as no surprise that I would love an option for this wild mane that I have been sporting.  I stress the word option because I am constantly changing my hair.  I am a perpetual "phase-er", a new term (crafted by me) to define the character trait that leaves me constantly dyeing, cutting, and styling my hair in a new way.  I live in a cycle of phases, therefore:  "phase-er".  I have recently come to terms with this part of my being, because I know it will always be a part of me!

Read more about keratin treatments.

I am a staffer, and this morning we were trying to find someone who wanted to test out a keratin treatment to share their experience with our amazing curly community.  Short notice of the treatment (it's happening tomorrow) left me with little choice except to swallow my fears and continue down the keratin road for the good of all of the curious curlies everywhere!  My goal is to loosen my curl and loose this frizz for the summer season.

I will be shooting video today at my consultation with Ron Valdez of Estilio Valdez Salon here in Austin as well as tomorrow during the treatment.  I will make sure to keep everyone updated during this unknown journey, wish me luck!

Hi Megan, you warned me that I'd be hooked if I did the blowout, and you're right. I can't believe how soft my hair is now but still has curl and body! Your article was the definite push I needed to just do it! Lisa
Megan and Debbie, thanks for your feedback. I am definitely considering doing the process soon - haven't had a chance to make the appointment. I found two links to further to what I had posted - although one article is an older one, but it does mirror what Debbie said about its contents. And I do agree with people trying to bash other companies products. Here are two links: and Would love to keep seeing pictures of "afters" - I want to keep waves and not go completely straight. thanks! lisa
curlyms: you said you had thick ethnic hair, which means you will keep your hair and lose most of the frizz! if you are still worried, go get a consult, they are almost always free and the stylist will tell honestly. At least mine did--go see someone at Estilio Valdez on 35th& Jefferson, they turned away three people before letting me get the service done because they had unrealistic expectations on the "after". Hope this helped!
I have not heard about this warning, but it would be great if you could provide a link and possibly some more information. I'm just wondering how accurate it is. I have come across, in my dealings with professional brands that they sometimes spread "un-truth's" about other brands that may compete with them. Please send me the link of where you found this, we are actually doing a lot of research on this very topic! ( Thanks ladies!
I'm a stylist in Hendersonville TN. and I've been doing the Marcia Texira treatment for a year.It has only 3 percent in it. It's purpose is to control the bacteria that grows on the hair in the 3-4 days that you can't shampoo. It's a great product and I've had excellent results. If your scared, you can wear a protective mask.It will repair damaged hair, cut the drying process in half, soften and straighten.The stylists take the greater risk of prolonged use,through inhalation.Not the public. Debbie Off Mane St. Salon Hendersonville Tn.
Hi Megan, I think your hair came out great - and for some reason you look younger too! I was doing a search to see which salon might offer the Marcia Teixeira process and I came across this warning. . . .what do you think?? . . . . Marcia Teixeira' hair products withdrawn 14 June 2010 The Department of Health and Children has issued an alert on 'Marcia Teixeira’ Brazilian Keratin Treatment on safety grounds. This product is for use as a hair treatment agent by professional hairdressers. The product was tested and found to exceed the levels of formaldehyde permitted under the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC, transposed by European Communities (Cosmetic Products) Regulations 2004 (as amended). It has been reported that use of this product has resulted in stinging, watering eyes, blurred vision and tightness of breath. The Irish distributor is Kara Belle, Kara Lodge, Celbridge, Co Kildare. It has been asked by the Department of Health and Children to remove this product and two other products from the market: Marcia Texeira Advanced Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Marcia Texeira Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment
As a fellow Austinite, I can relate to the frizz! I am concerned about the mixed reviews. Hair loss? Burnt hair? Eeek. But I do have a few questions for you: after 6 months does the hair just go to its natural state? Did you find that the chemical had any negative effects on your hair? I love my curls, but I have thick ethnic hair that seems to always be frizzy. I am afraid of losing waves/curls!
My hair is color treated and the average cost varies depending on brand, but Marcia Teixeira (The brand I went with) is about $300, and lasts the longest with about a 6 month life-span where others are 12 weeks. I'm hooked!
Can this be done on color-treated hair? Average cost?