It may sound like some new exercise trend, but plopping refers to a method of helping to create curl structure prior to diffusing or air drying, and the method has become a favorite among members.

As described by a member, after you wash and condition the hair, you apply product to wet hair and get ready to plop.

Step by Step

  1. Put a t-shirt or Aquis towel down on a chair — some use the toilet with seat down.
  2. Lean over the towel/t-shirt with your head hanging down, bending forward from the waist, position the wet hair onto the towel so the curls are all concentrated on top of the head.
  3. Pull the towel taut against the top and sides of the head, grabbing the two sides and twisting them into long sausage rolls near each ear.
  4. Take these rolled up towel extensions and pull them to the nape of the neck and secure them by tying them together.

Plopping illustration

Do this in the morning and go about your daily routine — makeup, coffee, etc. The towel helps to absorb excess water while letting the curls set into clumps. When you remove the towel, gently shake the curls.

If you want extra control, another member suggests spritzing on on some spray gel or scrunch in more gel after you take the towel off.

...people with extremely curly hair have been doing this for years... but saying some people prefer to plop over the toilet is just comic genius, lol
Will someone do a video for us? Pretty please? Email me at if you're interested.
Hard to understand these instructions actually. Can someone make a video of it, and put it on here so that we can see it being done. That would help. Thanks! :)