Top 5 Products For Blonde Color-Treated Hair

Diane Mary

2014-07-31 15:11:18

Top 5 Products For Blonde Color-Treated Hair

My 5 top products for preventing brassiness and minimizing damage.

A lot of people color treat their hair--I am one of them. As if having curly-wavy hair isn't enough with figuring out what product combinations work, by altering hair color we are left with additional concerns like dryness. Because I do not like the reddish strawberry blonde shade nature gave me, I lighten my hair to be more of a true blonde. By doing so, a main concern I have is brassiness. If I am not careful, the natural warm tones in my hair will leak through resulting in a not so pretty coppery, brass hue.

Another concern when coloring curls, especially going lighter of course is additional damage to the tresses. I am on a quest to grow my hair really long, so I use products with excellent moisturizing and protein containing ingredients.