Great healthy hair tips from girls with perfect curls!

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Make it a habit to always have a small bottle of hair product on hand for touch-ups.

6. Blot your hair dry

The way your hair dries has a direct impact on how frizzy your hair will be. Girls with perfect curls make it a habit to gently blot the hair dry with a towel, if they dry it at all. Some curly girls prefer to let their hair air dry completely without the aid of a towel. Both methods involve limited touch by a rough towel. Roughly shuffling your hair around in a towel can result in frizzy hair. Girls with perfect curls avoid this.

7. Cut your hair regularly

Perfect curly girls make regular visits to the salon to have their hair trimmed and properly kept up. The length of time that one can go without having the hair trimmed is dependent on the hair length. Most stylists will suggest that you come in for another haircut after six to eight weeks. Girls with perfect curls usually make another appointment before they even leave the salon. This way they can ensure their hair will be trimmed on time.

8. Always have hair products on hand

Sound obsessive? For perfect curls it isn’t! Girls with perfect curls make it a habit to carry a small travel-size bottle of their product with them at all times. It’s a small form of hair insurance. You never know when a bottle of serum can come in handy, especially during humid weather. The fact is, our hair changes throughout the day, and having product on hand will help ensure that the style is maintained.

9. Hands off

As hard as it may be, girls with perfect curls rarely touch their hair throughout the day. Pulling the hair and twisting it is damaging to the cuticle, not to mention destructive to the curl shape. Also, your fingers will do one of two things: they will steal your hair’s oils or they will add more oil, making your hair greasy. Girls with perfect girls are more safe than sorry. They don’t touch their curls unless they’re styling them.

10. Take the time

Perfect curls do not sprout overnight. Ask any girl with perfect curls and she will tell you that she has a regimen that takes time. Whether you take time before bed or wake up extra early is up to you. Your curls deserve time for maintenance, styling, and loving.

Can you be a girl with perfect curls? Follow these healthy hair tips and find out for yourself.