Little girl

Dear Ouidad:

My daughter is 7-years-old and biracial. When she was younger, she had silky curls, but I may have sabotaged her hair while desperately trying to find the right products for her hair. Now she has semi kinky, frizzy, dry curls that tangle badly. She loves to wear her hair down, but its torture for both of us because after an hour or so, it's like a fuzz ball. How can we achieve a softer, less tangled look that hangs down over her shoulders when she wears her hair loose? Please help my little princess get her "look."


Dear Saboteur:

I would suggest a gentle shampoo and conditioner for your daughter to help repair and nourish her curls. Make sure to shampoo her hair only once a week to cut back on dryness. While conditioning, try not to rinse out all of the conditioner; moisture is the key to beautiful curls! Detangle her curls with a wide tooth comb like my Double Detangler while there is still conditioner. Finish with a moisturizing gel for shiny, frizz-free hair throughout the day.  You may also want to try my Rake and Shake styling technique.


I think hormones can do that. Usually around puberty children's hair changes. She sounds too young for that, so her hair just might be really dry. Cold-pressed, avocado oil did wonders in keeping my hair soft. I mix that 50/50 with cold-pressed coconut oil, use shea moisture conditioner, then ouidad heat/humidity gel. All of that helps me style my hair so that it's shiny and soft. I have some 3b, mostly 3c, then 4a at my hairline.
Yes, I agree with the person above me. I used to have stick straight hair, until it turned wavy/curly. You just have to learn how to care for it. I struggled caring for mine, as it wasn't pin straight anymore, you just need to learn new techniques.
Just because her hair is different now doesn't mean it was something you did. Plenty of people don't have the same hair they did when they were young children as far as texture or color. My mom says my hair was wavy. Now I'm 4a/3c and with hair that is gradually becoming more 3c.