How to Reduce Curly Hair Shedding

2011-09-02 09:58:28

How to Reduce Curly Hair Shedding

Reduce hair shedding with a healthy lifestyle for a healthy scalp.


I’m sure that you have looked at your brush after combing your tresses and noticed pieces of hair falling out. Truth is, we all have! Hair shedding is a part of life and a natural occurrence that we need to accept, no matter how annoying, or frightening, it can be.

But, why is that we shed? We shed pieces of hair because the hair follicle reaches a point of detachment from the bulb of the hair shaft and moves closer to the scalp. This causes pieces of hair to fall out.

So much hair falls out, in fact, that it is totally normal to be losing 50-100 pieces of hair on a daily basis. Once a follicle detaches from our head, a new piece automatically begins to grow in its place. As long as you have a healthy scalp, you will not lose large clumps or start to bald.

Curly Hair Loss Prevention

You can help to reduce your amount of shedding by eating right, exercising and not stressing!

There is no way to prevent hair shedding completely since it's a natural part of life. Hoever, there are ways to minimize the amount of shedding by ensuring that we are living a healthy lifestyle to create a healthy scalp and hair.

Take a Weekend to Relax

  1. Feed your hair Always have your refrigerator and pantry filled with nutritious foods for healthy hair. Being healthy on the inside is the first and foremost step in making sure that you have a healthy scalp, and to cutting down on the amount of daily hair shedding. Having a lot of nutritious options available to you on a daily basis will make those healthy choices that much easier! It is essential that we get the perfect balance between vitamins and minerals through our diets as what we eat ends up being absorbed inside our bodies and adding to our overall health.
  2. Take a Multi-Vitamin Taking a daily multi vitamin will help make up for whatever you're not getting through your diet and help prevent hair shedding. There are even many hair nutrition vitamins geared towards improving the health of hair, skin, and nails.
  3. Have a daily exercise routine. Exercising on a daily basis helps you live a healthy lifestyle. It helps you stay in shape, relieve stress, and burn some steam! Incorporating at least 30 minutes of activity into your daily life will greatly help to  improve your health, and your scalp's!
  4. Lead a Stress-Free Lifestyle. Stress can be a huge reason that you are losing more hair than normal. Taking daily steps to make sure that you are reducing your stress will greatly help reduce the amount of hair that you are losing. Exercise greatly helps reduce stress, as does laughter, relaxing, reading a good book, shopping, and even sex!

Want More?

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Final thoughts

It is very important to keep in mind that if you are losing more than 50 to 100 pieces of hair on a daily basis, or it’s coming out in clumps, it is time to seek help from your doctor. If you have longer hair, it may appear that you are losing more, when you are really just losing the average amount. It could be a sign that you are suffering from alopecia, premature baldness or there  may be an underlying cause for some other type of health problem.