Rodney Cutler

Rodney Cutler at the Nicholas K show

Rodney Cutler

1. “Make sure you are going to a hair dresser that knows how to cut curly hair. It is important to have a great haircut that’s going to showcase your curls, while at the same time is easy for you to style at home.”

2. “Don’t be afraid to layer products. My favorite combination for curls is Cutler Curling Crème, followed by Redken Curl Wise 14.”

3. “Even application is key. Apply the product on your hair when it’s damp and make sure to scrunch the product in. You want to saturate the hair and make sure you’re evenly distributing the product to get the best results.” talks to Rodney Cutler backstage at Fall Fashion Week 2011


Jon Reyman

Jon Reyman recommends sleeping on a silk pillow case

Jon Reyman

1. “When towel drying the hair make sure to pat the hair dry, squeezing excess moisture out of the hair rather than rubbing the hair with the towel. Rubbing the hair causes it to frizz.”

2. “Rather than washing your curls every day, use a curl reviving spray to refresh and revitalize curls. Washing the hair too frequently strips hair of natural oils that help control frizz.”

3. “At night, to help combat frizz, I recommend wrapping curls in a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillow case. That way there is not going to be friction from your head rubbing against your pillow at night, which can cause major frizz.”


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I liked everyone's tips, EXCEPT for Rodney Cutler...sorry, he's just b a d with his hair.