We all love that sleek high bun look. However, mastering a perfect bun and making it stay in place is a different story. Whether you have loose, medium or tight curls, this article will explain how to style a high bun and which hair products you need to keep it in place.

Prepping Your Hair

Wash your hair prior to styling a high bun. Avoid conditioning, however, or your hair will be hard to manage when styling. In order to style a bun, you will need bobby pins (how many depends on the thickness of your hair), a hair elastic to secure your hair, hair gel, a comb and hairspray.

Creating a High Bun

Whether you're just trying to get your hair out of the way for household chores or creating a sleek, sophisticated look, a high bun isn’t a hard hairstyle to achieve. Start off with damp hair, but not too wet, or your styling products won’t adhere as well. Apply gel such as Dep Curl Defining Gel to your hair to help reduce frizz and humidity.

Begin styling by placing your hair into a ponytail holder. One trick is to put the ponytail where you want the bun to lay. For a more elegant look, aim for a low bun; for a more sophisticated look, make the ponytail (bun) a little bit higher.

After placing the hair into a ponytail, twist the tail in two sections for a high bun. For those with thicker curls, use several sections to make the process easier. Secure each piece that is twisted around the ponytail with a bobby pin. Where your place a bobby pin depends on the type of hair. For those with thin or short hair, place the bobby pin around the bun in a circle to secure the hair properly. Those with thick hair will need more pins throughout the individual hairpieces.

To maintain a high bun for hours after styling, spritz the hair liberally with hairspray, such as Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray.

Styling Tips & Tricks

Part your hair on the side or the middle before placing the hair into a ponytail for a trendier look. For a romantic look, try leaving a few hair strands out and curling them softly. To accessorize the hairstyle further, add hair clips, barrettes, clip-in bright hairstreaks or even flowers. To create a braided bun, braid the hair tightly before styling the hair into a bun.

For those who aren’t so hair-savvy, we suggest the Rsession Tools Pin Up Girl Kit, which offers a guide on how to style the hair as well as the tools you'll need. With the right tools and practice, anyone can create a perfect, sleek, and sophisticated high bun.

Are you really telling us kinky/curly girls NOT to condition our hair?! All for the sake of a hairstyle?! Really?
The picture that accompanies this story does not show a bun as described in the article. I also can't to wash my hair and not use conditioner as my hair would be a horribly tangled mess if I did. This is contrary advice to much of what usually suggests. I like the idea of a bun but I don't think this method will work for me.