In these times of sustainability, we can't just throw them away!

When you've decided it's time to pitch your old flat iron, maybe because you're now embracing your beautiful texture, here are some ideas as to what to do with it!

  • 1.  Make toasted cheese sandwiches
  • 2.  Iron your husband's ties
  • 3.  Christmas tree ornament
  • 4.  Make stylish burn marks on your scrapbook pages
  • 5.  Use them as tongs to turn hot dogs on the grill
  • 6.  Cut off the cord and give it to your young son to play "crocodile" with
  • 7.  Collect several, line them up on the lawn, and play croquet!
  • 8.  A doorstop

What would you do with an old flat iron? Tell us in the comments section below!