How to do an under-not-over two-strand twist.

Tracey Wallace with second day hairMy "roll out of bed," second day hair look. I'm a true wavy in that second day hair is generally ridiculous hair.

Two-Strand Twisting for More Curl and Volume

This is me with second day hair. Let me begin by saying that Pash showed me how to do this style on dry hair because my hair was dry at the time of meeting her. Doing a two-strand twist on dry hair will get you more volume, but it will not increase curl. To increase curl, you must do it on wet hair.

For a wet hair two-strand twist, part your hair into four sections. Comb the product through, and then two-strand twist following the same instructions that you would for dry hair.

Let hair air dry in the style, or sleep on it, and then gently unravel in the morning and shake it out. BOOM — more curl and more volume.