11 Best Gentle Shampoos for Curly Hair

2015-10-20 17:25:49

11 Best Gentle Shampoos for Curly Hair

These gentle cleansers have natural, nourishing ingredients for curly hair.

A major mission for those with curly hair is to find a way to effectively cleanse hair without stripping it.

Type 2 waves can be especially dry and fragile, while Type 3 curls need moisture for more definition. We often try to overcompensate for drying shampoos by doubling up on conditioning treatments, but wouldn’t it be nice if our hair was never stripped of moisture in the first place?

There are many new gentle cleansers containing natural, nourishing ingredients that are ideal for Type 2 and Type 3 curls. Check out our picks for optimal wave and curl cleansing!

QUIZ: What's Your Curl Type?

Really?! What about us Type 4 chicks? Why aren't we included? I'm kinda feeling left out -_-
uh, 4A types don't need gentle cleansing? Some of us 4 Types do happen to have fine strands you know.