3 Ways to Veil Your Curly Crown

2014-06-25 18:02:24

3 Ways to Veil Your Curly Crown

We show you 3 creative ways curlies can wear their crown on the big day.


Whether you are planning on getting married soon, or will simply be a part of a wedding party this season, girls with curls have lots of options. Most curly brides are embracing elegant styles, and who wouldn't-- it’s YOUR big day. But that doesn’t mean that you need to get out the flat irons or start with keratin treatments today. Embracing your natural curls and waves and enhancing them, showing them off, for your special day, can be a great option.

Where to begin? Look for photos of styles and ideas that you like and come prepared with creative ideas to your stylist. Let him or her know exactly what type of style you’re looking for and that straightening isn’t an option, but enhancing the  natural beauty of your hair is. Ask for some trial runs and ideas and input from their view as well.

While it might take a bit of creativity and practice to find a desired style, there are plenty of options for a natural bride who wants to glam up her everyday look for her wedding day. Keep reading for 3 ways to veil your curly crown.

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