argan oil for hair

Argan oil is everywhere in beauty products nowadays, and with good reason. This pure and natural ingredient, which comes from a nut that only grows on trees in Morocco and take fourteen years to do so is such a great multi-tasker. High in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants,  this oil has fantastic healing, conditioning and reparative properties. The Wall Street Journal even dubbed Argan Oil as "liquid gold."

I first heard and learned about Argan Oil personally by watching the gorgeous model and now environmentally conscious cosmetics line owner, Josie Maran, sell her line on QVC which focuses all around this precious little nut.

Not all products with Argan Oil are equal. There are a lot of products out there that are full of synthetic ingredients, silicones, parabens and fillers with only a trace amount of the good stuff. When searching for Argan Oil products, you want to see Argan Oil, or "Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil" close to the top of the ingredient list. However, pure Argan Oil is only one ingredient and does wonders. Remember when I mentioned how Argan Oil is a great multi-tasker? Here is a list of just SOME things you can do with Argan Oil!

1. Moisturizes your face

Argan Oil is good for ALL types of skin! Even acne and oily prone. You can use it as the last step in your skincare regimen at night, in the morning or both. You can add it in place of or in addition to your current moisturizer. It will hydrate the skin while absorbing quickly and also helps with skin elasticity and firmness. It also has been said to help with fine lines and wrinkles. I personally use 100% pure argan oil every night and it has helped my adult acne breakouts. Just don't forget if you use it as your morning moisturizer, pure argan oil alone does not have SPF so make sure to also use a sunscreen to prevent burns.

BONUS: You can make an excellent at home scrub by combining argan oil with sugar and any essential oil scent of your choice. This will help remove dead skin cells while leaving the skin moisturized and silky smooth.

2. Seals your hair

This oil is lightweight, but at the same time very nourishing. No matter what products I use on my wet hair after the shower, I always seal it with Argan Oil. The Vitamin E helps the hair elasticity and porosity, while adding shine and softness to the hair.

3. Tames frizz

If you got caught in the rain or are in need or reviving days old hair, reach for a few drops of pure Argan Oil! A little will go a long way but smoothing some down the lengths of your hair will help decrease frizz and add extra shine to dry hair without coating the hair in silicones!

4. Treats nail cuticles

Applying pure Argan Oil and massaging it into your cuticles every night (and even during the day if you'd like) will keep your cuticles from fraying and help your nails grow long and strong.

5. Turbo shot for your deep conditioner

Adding some pure Argan Oil to your current favorite DC will help the product hydrate your hair better and give it an added boost of treatment for your hair.

6. Heals sunburn

The reparative benefits of pure Argan Oil helps heal and take the redness out of sunburns super fast.

7. Softens rough skin

Applying pure Argan Oil all over your body right after the shower will keep your skin feeling extremely soft, smooth and silky. It absorbs super quick so you do not need to wait to get dressed after.

8. Nourishing pre-poo

Using pure Argan Oil before your shampoo is a great pre-poo treatment. You can apply a generous amount and sleep with it overnight, or just leave it on a minimum of 20 minutes before the shower (the longer the better)

9. Illuminates your face

Add a natural, dewy glow to your complexion by mixing a drop or two or argan oil in with your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer.


These are just some ways argan oil can be used. There are so many others. Have you tried Argan Oil? What is your favorite way to use it?