Add Avocado To Your Conditioner

2011-04-22 15:23:58

Add Avocado To Your Conditioner

Avocado is a natural moisturizer that helps hair growth


Add avocado to a deep conditioner to make hair stronger, shiny and healthy. Avocado’s moisturizing essential fats make it an ideal fruit to use for hair repair. It leaves hair softer, more elastic and less prone to breakage.

This is absolutely THE BEST DEEP CONDITIONER I've ever done, and I've bought the most expensive ones out there and they didn't compare. You have to mix this very well, I use a hand mixer. Also, I use raw organic honey, it's in solid form. It looks like green whipped pudding when it's ready. I leave it on for about 4 hours and go under heat for about 30. The results are fantastic! My hair is stronger and shiny each time I do it and there are no pieces of avacado in my hair due to the 15 minutes of mixing. I have middle back length 3C kinky curly hair.