Who doesn't want a thinner-looking face, especially after all the holiday excess? We've got some terrific tips for haircuts that make you look thinner.

Long Layers

Long layers that are vertical-shaped, not horizontal, can elongate your face shape. Layers should not be too short nor too wide. Curls can shrink a considerable amount when cutting layers, so be careful about the length. Hair should ideally fall somewhere between the bottom of the ear and the top of the shoulder. Just like clothes, the structure and length of your hairstyle can work in your favor.

Change is Good

If you haven't changed your hairstyle in awhile, find a photo of a new style and get your hair cut. A bad hairstyle can make you look 10 years older.

When it comes to improving our appearance, we are always searching for the fastest way to reach our goals. While quick fixes often fail, even the slightest change in your hairstyle can produce noticeably positive effects.

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Say No to Traditional Bobs

Certain bob hairstyles will add a few pounds instead of visually subtracting pounds. If you want your face to look slimmer, wearing a bob hairstyle that frames your face will call more attention to that roundness. Also, if you have a double chin that you'd rather hide, a chin-length bob will draw the eye right to your problem area. Chin-length bobs also tend to add volume on the sides of the head, which will make your face look even wider. Instead bring your bob above chin level to draw eyes upward or consider an asymmetrical bob cut with the back short and the front being longer than your chin. When hair is all one length, it tends to make the face look fuller.

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I agree with this - I have my shoulder length hair in layers and it makes my face look thinner. I used to have it cut really short and my face looked a lot bigger (my hair goes straight when its short too)
This article is really interesting.Layers and razor cuts will make you look slimmer. Any kind of hair style covering your face especially long hair gives a slimmer look. Avoid the short cropped look.
Loved the article! And loved the haircut of the girl with the hair accessory. Do you know if there's any other views of her hair?