Tips and tricks on how to use a hair diffuser for curly hair.

The air force from a hair dryer can ruin clumping and curl formation. A hair diffuser can reduce the air velocity from your hair dryer, allowing you to dry your hair without disturbing your curls. Diffusers are also perfect if you are in a hurry and need to dry your hair quickly. They also are great for adding volume to your curls.

Here are 12 quick tips on how to use a hair diffuser to keep your curls looking great every day.


Professional Finger Diffuser


  • Use a diffuser that stays on your hair dryer. Many will fall off. Some hair dryers comes with a diffuser. Or, check out the selection of hair diffusers from They fit most hair dryers.



  • Have your favorite stylers in your hair. If you have time, let your hair air dry for a little while before you start to dry it with a hair dryer and the diffuser.



  • Use duckbill clips if you need to add volume at the crown of your head.



  • Set your hair dryers heat setting to medium. If you are in a hurry the hot setting will work but be careful not to over dry your hair. That will cause frizz to occur.



  • Hang your head sideways or upside down. Touch your hair gently and put curls in bowl of diffuser.



  • Move diffuser towards head to get heat up to the roots.



  • Be careful not to disrupt clumping and curl formation. This is a gentle but tricky process.



  • Keep this up. Working in sections until hair is 80-90% dry.



  • Flip head over and adjust curl alignment.



  • Use a small amount of pomade or curl cream to scrunch out the crunch.



  • Dry hair for one more minute to lock in moisture from pomade or cream.



  • Use fingers at roots to shake out hair if you want more volume.



How-to video on using a hair diffuser for curly hair