"I Opened Melbourne's First Curly Hair Salon"

2014-07-01 16:51:16

"I Opened Melbourne's First Curly Hair Salon"

Neel noticed the lack of curly hair care in Melborune, Australia and decided to change that.

I'm Neel, owner of Neel Loves Curls Hair Salon in Melbourne, Australia.

When I was in Sydney in 2005, I went to a hair seminar which taught me about cutting curly hair dry. Sadly, there aren't many places in Australia that teach curly hair so I went to America to learn the DevaCurl technique. I've only just opened up my curly/wavy hair salon so I have much to learn about running a business.

In the next 5 years I would like to train someone up and give my passion for curls to the next generation of hairdressers.

I am always inspired to learn more...

I never want to think I know everything. But the thing that inspires me the most is when a client says "WOW!" after their haircut. If you have passion in your job that helps you stand out. I find most hair salons soulless experiences so I had hand crafted gowns made and my salon is a theatre and the washing area is a jungle with jungle music whilst I wash/deep treatment your curls.

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