3 Wavy Hair Products You Need

2012-02-20 12:22:37

3 Wavy Hair Products You Need

Alyssa's top wavy hair product picks.

I’ve been trying some new wavy hair products and I’m happy to be here to report my results! I have tried out the AG Volume Foam, Jessicurl Gelebration Spray, and DevaCurl B’Leave-In Curl Boost. Let’s get this going so we can find you some new products to try out!

Jessicurl Gelebration Spray

Jessicurl Gelebration Spray
Overall, the Jessicurl Gelebration Spray worked well for my hair. You don’t have to do anything different when styling your hair with this product, so you might like it for that reason. It smelled good and it held the wave well. The only downside for me was that it gave me the same crunchy wet look that I always try to avoid. It also wasn’t great at taming my frizz which is key for me.By the end of the day, I also noticed that my hair was a little more crazy than tamed. Depending on the look you are going for, you will love this product or it won’t be quite for you.

AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

AG Foam Weightless Volumizer
Next we have the AG Foam Weightless Volumizer. I am in love with this stuff! This was the perfect lightweight product to use that gave my waves an excellent hold. Again, you don’t have to change your normal routine to get the best results from this product. It also controlled my frizz without making my hair feel heavy, and best of all…no wet look! A little bit of this goes a long way, which is another great feature of it. For those of you who like your product lasting as long as possible for the sake of saving some extra money, this might be a go to product for you.

DevaCurl B’Leave-In

DevaCurl B'Leave In
Finally we have the DevaCurl B’Leave-In. One thing I learned about this wavy hair product is that more is better. As wavies, we're used to thinking that the more product we have in our hair, the heavier it’s going to be. But with DevaCurl, you can use quite a bit all over your head. When I use the DevaCurl, I have to style my hair differently, so if you are looking to change up your routine a bit, listen up.

DevaCurl works best when you are using their Low-Poo and One Condition, so you might want to try that with the B'Leave-In. When I condition I scrunch my hair with the conditioner in and then I do a light rinse. Once I've rinsed, I flip my head over and use a towel to get a little of the water out of my hair. I then coat my hair with the B'Leave-In and scrunch away.

A plus to the B'Leave-In is if you like the crunchy look you can leave it alone once out of the shower. If you want a more loose wave that doesn’t give you that wet, crunchy feel you just keep scrunching your hair with the palms of your hands until it loosens up. It’s magic! For me, this isn’t a great product to sleep in just because it looks like my hair might be dirty. It doesn’t feel that way but it makes it a litter darker than my natural color giving it a dirty look. For same day hair this stuff is fantastic, though!

Where to Get Them

Reviews of hair products can make for a boring blog post, but I wanted to pass on a few products you can easily find in CurlMart that will work wonders on your waves. I also get a DevaCuut a week-and-a-half ago, so check out my video! Until then, try out these wavy hair products and let me know what you think about them! Also let me know if you have any questions about anything wavy in particular and I’ll help you out as best as I can! Until next time, keep on waving!

MomsL8:I don't know why I'm just discovering this comment! I usually get an email saying that one has been left, but I never saw this one. Sorry for the delay and I hope you see my response! As far as second day hair, I can't do mine without getting it wet either, however I don't soak my head. I find mine works best if I take a spray bottle (just one where I've finished the product) and fill it up with water, then use that to evenly spray my hair. I will then take something like the Dream Curls or KMS California Sea Salt Spray and do another light coating. I don't like to use a gel or a mousse on second day hair because then my hair feels way too crunchy. But after I use a spray I'll take my microfiber towel and rescrunch. Second day hair takes me maybe 5 minutes. I also tend to like more of a messy look instead of perfectly put together, so this works great for me. Feel free to email me if you have even more questions and even send me some of your favorite tips that really help your waves. Tip trading is NEVER a bad thing :)
Hi Alyssa: I am a 2c/3a (depending on how moist my hair is and what products I use); I get some boticelli curls, but my hair is short and I don't have that much spring. I love the B'Leave In. I used to use Lush's Curly Wurly as my shampoo/co-wash routine (I know - NOT CG, but I was used to using 2 in 1 products before, and with lots of THICK coarse waves, I tried to save time where I could when I blew it out). I now use either No Poo or Low Poo and One Condition. My hair is very healthy and not product-y. I also use Set It Free and Mister Right towards the end of my routine or if I've dried out a curl too much (especially on my heavier side that is more color treated and needs a lot of moisture). I just got the AG Foam, but I also ordered the Recoil because I have recently been able to get more curls now that my hair is becoming more healthy with the CG routine. So far, I love the AG foam! However, I deep conditioned with Heaven in Hair and a Hair Therapy Wrap the night before I used it. I'm about to go into the shower now and use the foam again. I also just ordered the JessiCurl Rocking Ringlets and Confident Coils not the Gelebration. I am finding that I can coax more curl if I use the right co-washing routine produts, which for me has been DevaCurl. I'm using AnGel now also. One thing I have found, and maybe you can speak to this - is that I cannot do second day hair without getting it wet. I do sleep on a satin pillowcase, but my curls are still just too smashed. Plus, I have very thick hair. I used to have very oily hair in adolescence, but now, in middle age, I can get away with not shampooing it every day, but I still have to use No Poo or Low Poo about every two days. What do you do about that situation? I have not gone back to straight since I discovered CG, but I use A LOT more products than I ever did when I straightened my hair. My routine takes as much time if not more as when I straightened, however, it's more time in that I'm waiting for my hair to air dry before I apply a final frizz spray or fluff out my curls with the diffuser. My hair is a lot more healthy for my routine, and I never have to worry about what's going to happen when it rains or if I go swimming or if it's humid. I just let my hair do it's thing! Thanks for addressing us wavies - I so wanna hear more from you, and I would love to trade my tips and finds and pics with you!