Pump Up Your Hair With Pumpkins

Evelyn Ngugi

2013-01-17 13:39:16

Pump Up Your Hair With Pumpkins

Autumn's most popular ingredient should be in your hair regimen!

I thought Healthy Sexy Hair line was discontinued? Why would you guys advise something you can't find anymore? Besides Darcy's is there anything else out there with pumpkin?
Sigh....I wish Sexy hair concepts hadn't discontinued the Healthy Sexy Pumpkin line. You can still find it online and at some discout retailers though. I get my pumpkin fix with Darcy's Pumpkin Seed Condish....used it this morning actually!
I'll have to try this using the pumpkin baby food as I'm afraid of having an afro full of pumpkin residue when finished. :-)
Yup! the directions posted say to smooth it down each section of hair, like you would a regular deep conditioner. when making the DC make sure it's thick enough and won't drip! hope that helps
hmm any tips on application...