Curly haired women are consistently told that straightening for work is a good move. In some professions, curly hair is even seen as unkempt and unprofessional. Fortunately, instead of straightening you can stay true to your natural ways by wearing any of these top 10 curly professional hairstyles. You never know, you may incite a workplace-wide natural transitioning movement! Do you have a professional hairstyle that's tried and true? Let us know in the comments!

I think whatever hairstyle you do, the important thing is to keep it frizz-free. that's why I recommend using the pro naturals argan oil =)
I resent coming to Naturally Curly in search of help styling my naturally curly hair, only to see photos of women with STRAIGHT HAIR. Not to mention the majority of these styles are NOT professional.
These are excellent tips on how to rock your natural hair in the workplace! I particularly like the bun and all down styles!
These look awful. "Kinky bun"??? In what world is that a professional style. She looks like a child playing at the park. "Curly braids"??? You've got to be kidding. You know what, for all of you looking for great professional styles, check out old photos of Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert. She always wore really chic styles but they were almost always just natural curls.
Womp...Womp! These are the most boring styles ever, and nothing new. I have a looser curl, but I think this doesn't help people with kinkier hair one bit!
I came here looking for a couple of professional up-dos, but instead it seems like every style imaginable was listed. Not necessarily helpful, but I do agree that a huge part of looking professional is well-maintained, frizz-free hair.
going shorter does not necessarily make your hair curlier. I went shorter and lost the spring to my curl. My hair gets curlier as it gets LONGER
I'm a #4b hair type and I'm sad that there are only two real curly hair styles. I've been all natural for almost five years now and wear it the same way, please come with the real good, good!
Ok, Now I'm really offended. So you don't think CurlyGirls who may have short to medium length hair want style variety? you missed the mark on this article. (very one-sided) :-(
Okay a little disappointed seeing that these styles are more for ppl with long hair or mid length hair that can go up. I would have like to see some styles for short hair in this. Yes one of the other comments is right this is ppl with none curly natural hair.
These pictures suck. Sorry, NC. First problem, none of them have curly hair. It's all straight hair that has been curled. Second, a side braid is not professional. A ponytail is not professional. Third, not everyone knows how to do a french twist. Fourth, not everyone has the length. NC, this was very disappointing.
omg som of them dont have curly hair its ugh fake gosh i just try flat iron my bang an put my hair in a pony tail an call it a day
Wow... Now that I have a bit of length, I thought this would be the PERFECT article. I would get some ideas on what to do other than a puff, a wash n' go, or a twist out. Boy, did I get this one wrong. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE work some versatility into these types of articles. Seeing 10 options for long-haired, mostly looser-curl folks was disappointing to say the least.
Okay...I'm sorry but I have about 5in of 4a hair. None of these styles will work on me. Also do to the fact that I'm in the military, I couldn't wear any of these styles to work or prob wouldn't wear them in any other work environment. I was hoping for something a little better :(.
Most of these hairstyles are far from professional. I'm not sure if a side braid screams "Take me seriously, I'm a professional!"
I agree with the previous comments. Also these styles are for long hair. I didn't see many options for short curly hair...
So true Aruizbrown. :-(
Half of these styles are straight hair that was curled, not naturally curly hair =(