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Our Purpose:

We believe every woman, girl, and curl deserves to learn, grow, and shine.

Our Vision:

We will empower women thru their hair.

Our Mission:

Be the most trusted & engaging community for women with textured hair.


We are passionate thought leaders who are fully engaged with the textured hair community. From inspiration to education and entertainment, we empower our community. We are content creators who combine marketplace savvy with data insights to make waves in the textured hair industry. We serve our clients from community members to brands and retailers by listening and advocating to their unique needs.

Through thoughtful, fearless and clear communication, our team members champion each other to succeed and revel in our wins together.

Our team members empower each other to develop creative solutions. Our team succeeds when we act as one. There is no metric, benchmark, or challenge that we can not handle.

NaturallyCurly is a place of development for all. From professional development opportunities to viable career paths, we encourage inclusivity, positivity, and purpose-driven growth.


In September 1998, two curly-haired women partnered to publicly address their personal frustrations with the lack of attention, products and services tackling concerns that are today considered some of the utmost important in beauty – those of the diverse, deeply engaged, textured hair community of consumers.

In their initial frustration, Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber created a simple online discussion board. Their collective passion and vision fueled something much greater -- a full-blown, far-reaching community platform offering qualified user-generated product and stylist reviews, helpful expert content, and direct digital access to known products as well as emerging brands.

Way before blogs, vlogs, facebook, instagram and YouTube, NaturallyCurly was the social standard-bearer:

The New York Times Magazine, 2010: “Every organization willing to radically reconceive itself for the Web should look at”.

Today, NaturallyCurly continues to champion ideas, entrepreneurs, brands, stylists, influencers, quality original content, invaluable insights and most of all – the everyday consumer – in a space seeing great growth and change.

Tomorrow, our present mission will remain: to empower, inspire, educate, and entertain the textured-hair consumer and to deliver strategic consulting services and insights, commerce opportunities and impactful content and marketing services to our brand and retail partners.

How we deliver on our mission will innovate and evolve, and the who will certainly scale from the 16 million consumers reached today, but the why – to inspire millions of textured hair women to stand tall, feel beautiful and be beautiful – will remain consistent as NaturallyCurly celebrates close to two decades of existence as the largest brand-agnostic authority on textured hairstyles, care, health, and wellness.

We look forward to continuing to blaze a trail in our fast-approaching third decade of existence. We will see the fruits of our labors in more efficacious products in-market, more choices for the consumer, more hair stories in the mainstream, and more beautiful women, children (and men) celebrating and touting their natural beauty inside and out.