African-American woman with an afro wearing a red dress

Photo courtesy: Simplycyn

There are lots of fun styles worth trying for natural hair. One of the most beloved is the timeless beauty of the afro. While many curlies worry this look might be hard to pull off or damaging to their hair, it is actually pretty easy and, with enough moisture, safe for your kinks and coils. Here are 5 afro tutorials to help you rock your crown boldly.

  1. Curly Afro

    For a big, voluminous look sure to make others take notice, this style is a must try. Lots of naturals worry about tangles or knots when trying out an afro look. Find out how to avoid this issue and how to achieve this style with this tutorial.

2. Fluffy and Soft Afro

When you want an afro that plays up the fluffy factor, this is the one to try. This style is perfect for special occasions or simply looking great every day! Best of all, it is really easy to do.

3. Afro Puff

This is definitely a favorite of the top 5 afro hairstyles because it is such a classic look. It is one of the easiest styles to pull off and works well with hair of most lengths. The key is to stretch those curls out to get the puff of your dreams.

4. Defined Afro

With an afro style, some women aren't fans because they feel they lose definition. The defined afro style solves that problem! This style gives you the volume of an afro but lets you keep your defined curls.

5. Pinned Afro

When you want a look that gives the best of an afro with a more slicked back aspect, this is the look to try. This style is great for date night when you want to play up the fun with a dramatic look.

What's your favorite afro hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below.