In the wake of COVID-19, we have all collectively experienced the highs and lows that come with being at home void of our regular day-to-day schedule. For all the fellow salon owners and stylists, it means having to adapt their business model from the comforts of their home. If you are an influencer it could be challenging to find inventive ways to create new content and for stylists it’s about managing their business when they can’t physically assist their customers. Whether it means virtually assisting customers or even developing a new hair game plan for #lifeaftercorona, our fellow stylists and curlies share their tips for healthy quarantine curls!


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Iliandra Balentina, Influencer

“Last February I did travel to Curacao to work during Carnival and due to the COVID-19 outbreak I decided to stay here with my family. It’s already been 2 months and it has been a challenge for me since I did not plan to stay for so long. We have been in a total lockdown for more than 3 weeks, so getting products shipped here for hair tutorials and photos takes a lot of time. We can’t go out everyday so my days consist of staying inside and planning future content. Pre-quarantine I did wake up early to start working or going out to create content. Now most days I’m in my PJ’s which can make me a little bit lazy. My hair in a bun or a puff, which is my go-to style. I try to wash my hair weekly as usual, shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. Deep conditioning really helps me keep my hair healthy, I also massage my scalp with castor oil once a week. I try to be positive and keep a healthy hair routine. I’m hoping that everyone is staying safe during this difficult time!”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Tabbie-Anna, Influencer

“This pandemic has changed SO much, it’s only normal that it reeked some havoc in the hair department also. At first, I sorta just chilled around bed, I had no objective. If I’m not going outside & no one is seeing me…why do I need to comb my hair? I was rejoicing ‘YAAS’, a time where Betsy (my fro”> and I can just lounge around. Ha- jokes one me; I was rudely awakened by content deadlines, zoom meetings, and dry brittle tresses. My plan was SOILED, I had to find a way to be lazy, but the good kind of lazy. I tossed my old regimen & built a new one around maximum moisture & low(er”> maintenance. This meant Deep conditioning between washes and swapping out my good ole wash and go’s for mini twists. Twists are GREAT, for these I use heavier butters that’ll hold up with moisture. Not only do they last longer but they don’t tax my hair with breakage and I can take them to wash day without unraveling. Another #WIN? I look civilized! Wowzers! Keeping my hair neatly under my satin cap is a great way to protect my strands too. The idea is…less friction, less tangles = healthier hair & ends. 

The pandemic has changed more than just my regimen around my tresses; it has also changed my work environment. I’m lucky to have a job where I can work from home but I miss getting ready in the mornings, dressing up & styling Betsy. I also took a bit of a blow on interactions & energy swapping; I much rather doing that in person. Of course, I want us all to be safe so I gotta wait until later for the pleasantries. Otherwise, all things considered, the home body in me is FLOURISHING & until this is over- my tresses and I are enjoying the imposed time.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Lorelle Oliveira, Influencer

“Since this quarantine started, I have been trying to find ways to keep my hair healthy and retain moisture. My hair started to get incredibly dry. The other challenge is keeping my hair trimmed and free from breakage. I have been trimming my hair at home. I have established a weekly deep conditioning routine at home. I created a hair treatment using raw honey, avocado, SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque combined to restore moisture, strengthen my ends and increase hair growth. I have also been using The Mane Choice’s Hair Growth oil twice a day on my scalp to decrease dryness. Detangle your hair daily. I am tempted to keep my hair in a bonnet or untamed while I am home during quarantine but I find it creates more damage and split ends when I finally detangle it. I have gotten in the habit of combing it through each day to help shed tangles and keep the hair strong.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Kimberly White, Influencer

“This Coronavirus has definitely changed a lot for me and my business, including cancelled brand deals, no longer having access to photographers that I work with regularly to create new content, and has caused lots of anxiety. I’ve had to pivot by becoming even more creative, by sharpening up my photography and editing skills, and began creating more in-home content which is something I’m still getting used to. I’ve also found new ways to bring value to my followers and bring in extra income for myself during this time by offering “Influencer Consulting” services to others who are looking to become a blogger or influencer. 

This situation has also taught me to practice stillness and to focus on the good. Before I would be on the go what felt like around the clock, working, planning for my YouTube channel and blog, and shooting content. Nowadays, I wake up and journal a few things I’m grateful for. I love to listen to inspirational podcasts and music that puts me in a good mood. I’m glad I now have the time to just be (still”>, reflect, be thankful, and brainstorm new ideas. I try to limit my intake of Coronavirus news to twice a day. I will 100% come out of this way more grateful for life and all of it’s blessings, and have learned to stop taking even the smallest things for granted.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Andrea Wensink, Influencer

“When 2020 just started I had the genius idea to bleach my hair. New year, new hair you know. So I went to the hairsalon and the stylist bleached my hair into ashblond. I loved the colour, but my curls didn’t have the same bounce as before. I had some breakage and my hair was just so dry and brittle.

At that point I figured I needed to put in some more work to have my beloved spiral curls back. I started to add Olaplex in my routine and put on hair masks religiously. My hair started to feel strong again. Now while we’ve been quarantined, instead of buying pre-bottled hair masks I make my own hair masks. Every week I change up the ingredients for different benefits and to see how my hair reacts to it. My hair really loves bananas!  Because I chemically bleached my hair, it is crying for protein. I implemented a rice milk rinse for some extra protein at the end of my washing routine. I style my hair with a leave-in, a curl cream and a gel. Also because of the COVID-19 virus and the lockdown I wear my hair most of the time in a pineapple bun or a silk scarf. No need for showing off and unneeded knots.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


GiGi Frattarelli, Influencer

“So during this quarantine process, I’ve become pretty lazy with styling or even just doing my hair. Before quarantine, my go-to would be washing/conditioning then diffusing my hair to make sure my curls were defined & crisp. Focusing on other things during this lockdown process has been distracting me from touching my hair as much. To show my hair a little TLC, I’ve been using my favorite hair care creams, a good hair oil, and then just braiding my hair. That way my hair is protected and getting the nourishment it needs without me having to do it.”

13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Sully Guzman, Influencer

“This pandemic has definitely altered our lifestyles and routines. With working from home, I still have to get up in the morning, style my hair, and conquer the day! I’ve been really letting my hair breathe by leaving my hair in a wash n go state. Low, loose ponytails have been a lifesaver for low maintenance hairstyles that still gets the job done. 

Because my hair is out more, I make sure I am deep conditioning weekly. I also use leave-in conditioners and curl refreshers way more often to keep my hair looking fresh and moisturized! With so much uncertainty, it’s important for me to keep a routine, and having a curly hair routine definitely lifts my spirits!”

13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Amy, Influencer

“During the lockdown period here in South Africa, I decided to give my hair a complete break.

Yes! I chose to go product-free. Now I know this may sound crazy but could you think of a more perfect time to give your tresses a break from constant manipulation, and your scalp a moment to breathe? Although I am an advocate for a deliciously untamed mane, for those of you who aren’t as fond there’s another perk of being locked in. There are many pros to going product-free, including the opportunity to finesse your hair care regimen. Post-naked hair, I choose to style my hair with two-strand twists, which transition perfectly to a twist-out, and finally a pineapple style. This could easily sustain me for 2-3 weeks dependent on dirt and perspiration build-up on my scalp. Being able to work from home has been…interesting. A definite perk has been the increased flexibility to schedule my day in a way that allows me to incorporate both my full-time job, as well as my content creation. Highkey living a dream! There are also days when one just needs to have a break, and those have been accommodated quite seamlessly as well. Stay home, and stay safe!”

13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Kendra Massicot, Influencer

“Rona, rona, rona! It has been such an unpredictable and uncertain time for all of us. However, in uncertain times I try to remain positive and make the best out of every situation. One way that I keep a positive mindset is by keeping busy. Therefore, I have increased the amount of content I have been providing to my audience via Instagram & YouTube. Everyone is home and looking for things to keep them entertained and in an optimistic mood. 

I have been leveraging this outlook and have been posting a video on my YouTube channel every day since quarantine has begun. I have been sharing advice, tips & information to contribute to self-care and hair health. Some healthy hair tips that you can practice during this time is to: deep condition your hair at least once a week, keep your hair moisturized with leave-in conditioners and styling products and of course, drinking lots of water. This is also a perfect time to try new styles on your hair that you may have never tried before or have been wanting to try.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Andrayah Ponce,Owner Geometry Curly Hair Studio 

“The recently-implemented salon closures have been devastating to the salon industry. I spent lots of time thinking about how I can better serve my clients to ensure that the education and care I provided would not be undone. Moreover, it became important that I seek to help my clients continue to practice self-care while staying safe at home. After taking cues from other salon owners and soliciting input from my regular clients, I began to pivot my offerings. We now have no-contact delivery for all clients. With this system, they can purchase hair products and tools through the Geometry website and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.

We also offer at-home color kits for pre-existing clients needing to cover grey. The kits include each client’s custom-curated color formula, detailed hair prep and application instructions, and all the accouterments to color the hair. To help facilitate accurate no-contact orders, at-home color kit services, and educational offerings, we introduced virtual coaching sessions. These lessons allow my clients to have one-on-one time with me from the comfort of their own home. In the coaching session, we walk through the current state of their hair, any questions or frustrations they may have. I also use that time to provide them with intentional education and step-by-step styling tips, while considering their time, surroundings, and limitations.

Lastly, Geometry now offers gift cards for clients that would like to pre-pay for services to help support the salon. The feedback on our new services has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m excited to continue offering these services post-COVID.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Joe Miguel, Curl Cut Stylist and Educator

“As a hairstylist, we are usually on our feet and constantly moving while taking care of several clients at the same time. It’s an amazing skill which we’ve developed throughout our career and one that seems quite normal to us. Managing clients, assistants, and most times eating lunch within minutes while possibly standing as we acquire our energy for the rest of the day. So yes, under the circumstances which we are living today with COVID-19, it has definitely become a challenge. There is a reason besides being an artist and loving to do hair that makes us a hairstylist, it’s also the fact that we have very little patience for being still or behind a desk. Our DNA is more of juggling our day with as much responsibility we can handle and I love it.

Staying at home is going to keep us safe and ready for our next chapter in life. So I keep myself busy creating content, studying, reading, writing as much as I can for the future projects. Also, updating my website and editing videos while creating summer and fall fashion haircuts along with trending hair color designs. 

Now is the best time for transitioning and indulging in as much information as possible in all platforms. It’s even the perfect time to go natural and finally take on the journey. Since, much is not happening as far as hair getting dirty from our day to day. I recommend a co-wash and washing your hair once a week. The key to start your journey is leave your hair out and when washing make sure to dry your hair with a diffuser or hooded dryer. Remember its WASH DRY AND GO not WASH AND GO. Do a pineapple or use a bonnet for sleeping.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Phillip Calcagno, Creative Director SoHairCutters

“Initially one of the main challenges facing stylists was obviously the inability to service our guests. Not being able to have face-to-face time or physical time proposes obvious challenges. So we had to look at innovative ways to connect to our guests and assure them that we can still help them on their curly hair journey from a distance. Here’s where online platforms take flight from FaceTime to Skype and Zoom we have been able to connect in new and interesting ways. In fact one of the things that I’ve offered my clients is a service that I called clean up your curl cupboard, where I literally go into their product cupboards and believe me there’s a lot of product in a lot of those cupboards and help them clear out the unwanted or unnecessary products that they have accumulated over the years. À la Marie Kondo. I don’t think most people realise that products also have an expiration date that are usually 12 months and sometimes 24 months.

Here in Australia we were in a very unique and slightly different position in terms of the rate of infection to the rest of the world. We basically live on an island so in some respects it was easier to slow the rate of infections down effectively. So stylists and hairdressing salons were permitted to continue to operate under strict guidelines. There was quite a discussion amongst stylists who thought that salons should be closed and those that felt safe enough to stay open.

In my case I remained open and had to adjust things like our seating arrangements and hygiene practices. The general health and well-being of our staff and clients was at the utmost importance. We were able to control our environment with everybody entering so haircutters felt safe and great to be here. Currently more and more salons are beginning to open with limited staff and limited hours to maintain a safe inside.”


13 Natural Hair Influencers and Stylists Share Tips for Healthy Quarantine Curls


Sharita Payton, Salon Owner/Curly Hair Specialist

“My biggest “hair challenge” is definitely motivation these days. However, I keep in my mind that it’s not “if” we go back to our normal lives/routines but “when”…so I made a vow to stay on track while allowing a few lazy days. My schedule is filled with cooking, cleaning, homeschooling 4 children, planning/overseeing expansion-renovations for our new salon space and staying connected with my team and clients. 

My “go-to style” as of late is definitely “twist outs” which are usually my least favorite. These days I set my medium size twists on “stretched” dry hair using Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner and Mizani Styling Foam Mousse at night. In the morning I take them down, fluff and go! This has worked great allowing me to take a few cute selfies during the day while home in quarantine. My best advice is be patient with yourself… take a couple of days off but never completely abandon your routine/regimen. Just know that better days are ahead AND we want to rock our BEST hair when we are out of quarantine. Be safe!”



At NaturallyCurly, we will continue to support all our curlies and stylists during this time. These are just a few of the many lives that have been impacted by COVID-19 and we’re happy to provide a supportive community for those voices to be heard. Be safe and remember there is no right or wrong way to deal with the quarantine, but we will get through it together.

Desiree Johnson

Desiree Johnson

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