From celebrity styles to social media influencers, we’ve seen constant proof that we don’t have to brush, style, and manipulate our curly hair everyday. In addition to our beloved box braids and Havana twists, protective styling has branched off into wigs, crochet braids, and extensions in all textures—from kinkiest to the loosest curl pattern. 

The world of wigs and extensions opens up a new realm of possibilities when it comes to flaunting curly hair while keeping your natural curls under wraps to minimize damage and save precious time. You can bounce from a short cut to 32 inches of luxurious curls on a whim, and dark hair to bleach blond within a single day. As long as you continue to care for the hair underneath your protective unit, you can enjoy any style at any time, with no added stress to your hair. For first-timers, look here for tips on using wigs as protective styles

Keep scrolling for some textured/curly wig and extension style inspo for the naturals who crave styling options that are both low maintenance and low manipulation. 


Kinky Clip-Ins 

Instagram: @keke.j_

The variety of clip-ins has truly come a long way. These kinky-coarse clip-ins add fullness and length to this twisted style. Most importantly, the texture meshes perfectly with Keke’s natural hair.

Wavy Bob 

Instagram: @beingstefs 

If you’ve ever been curious about going short but aren’t into commitment, wigs will be the friend you never knew you needed. You’ll never go wrong with a soft face-framing bob cut. 

Twin Bubble Ponytails

Instagram: @halfricanbeaute

Some bold looks require a little bit of extra length—the bubble ponytail style is one of them. If your hair isn’t long enough to pull it off, don’t hesitate to add some extra hair for added drama.   


Soft Lavender Curls

Instagram: @saythelees

Pastel colors have been on trend for a while, as is playing with color in general. This dusty purple unit looks like it could have been a professional dye job, but, of course, it’s a wig. With no risks taken on your own hair.


Curly High Pony 

Instagram: @slimreshae

There’s something about a high ponytail that you just don’t get with other styles. This incredibly long pony is a quick and easy go-to for casual and formal occasions. 


Wet-Look Curls 

Instagram: @_gabriellaelena

If you’re ready to try the popular “wet look” this spring, trying it on a human hair curly wig is a great way to avoid piling copious amounts of product onto your hair. Use some curl-enhancing product to achieve an ultra defined sleek look. 


Fluffy Brown Afro

Instagram: @jessicapettway

This extra fluffy gingerbread ‘fro is giving off serious lion vibes. Wearing hair that covers the hairline is convenient when your patience is low or when you’re low on time—there’s no need to be as precise with the installation. 

Red Body Wave

Instagram: @blakejael

Not only can you experiment with different styles, but you also have the option to completely customize your own wig. Blake created her own wig using human hair bundles, a wig kit from Amazon, box hair dye, a straightener and a curling iron.


Sleek Low Pony

Instagram: @jd_winters

A sleek low ponytail and a middle part gives off a great impression with minimal effort. Jasmine got the hair for her low pony at @kinkistry. 


Honeyed Highlights

Instagram: @truelytalentedbeauty

Wigs might not be your style, but there are other options. Crochet braids are an easy and relatively quick way to keep your hair covered and cute—just look at these honey-toned ringlets. Plus, you can even wash your hair in crochet styles.


Short Curls 

Instagram: @frizzybri

This unit gives a new meaning to the phrase “natural-looking.” Bri’s short natural curly wig from @rpghairwig is giving us the impression that she was born with this head of hair. 


Half-Bun Clip-Ins

Instagram: @nayarasantanofc

Nayara filled out her half-up hairstyle by wrapping some hair around her bun and adding clip-ins in the back. 


Braided Ponytail 

Instagram: @freshlengths

Cornrows are stylish and universally known to be low-maintenance in the curly community. Braid up your hair and add an extension to your ponytail for a style that will last. 


Silver Space Buns 

Instagram: @miriannjoh

Mirian’s long silver kinky-textured is embracing the springtime mood and her creativity with space buns and pink flower accessories. 

Voluminous Wand Curls

Instagram: @hairbysusy

Original Photo: @kiitana 

Kiitan transformed her kinky curly bundles using a curling wand to achieve this bright and sunny look. Can we just take some time to appreciate this amazingly saturated color? 


Do you enjoy incorporating wigs or extensions into your routine? Which style works the best for you?