Heres How to Lighten Your Hair Naturally

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We’re moving into a new season and that means summer trends, colors, and new styles that will make our curls pop. Since salons are slowly starting to reopen, you may be one of hundreds trying to grab an appointment which means you may have to wait awhile before getting your hair done by a professional. While there’s nothing like going to a salon, there are numerous ways you can lighten your hair from the comforts of your home. The summer sun has a sneaky way of lightening our locks which can be great, but if you’re looking for a more organic way to lighten your hair naturally, we’ve got you covered.

The misconception that comes with lightening your hair is that it requires bleach or  professional dye. When you use natural ingredients you can prevent your hair from damage and give yourself a sun-kissed look that you will love. However, while lightening your hair naturally can transform your hair a few shades lighter, it won’t turn your brunette hair to blonde or your blonde hair to platinum blonde. Here are a few items you may have in your pantry or fridge that can get you one step closer to lighter curls.


A Spritz of Vitamin C

There’s nothing like good ol’ Vitamin C to help lighten up your curls. The fantastic thing about Vitamin C is that it can work with natural and semi-permanent hair color instead of fighting against it. Using Vitamin C tablets or powder vitamins (compressed powder not gummies or chewables”> and combining them with your shampoo can help strip your hair, therefore giving it a lighter color. Crush up your tablets (or use powder“> and combine it with water, apply it using a spray bottle, let it sit for about 30 minutes and watch your hair come to life!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar isn’t just used to clean anymore, it can be used to lighten your hair! Apple Cider Vinegar is already used to help reduce buildup on your hair and scalp but it can be a gentle way to lighten your curls. If you decide you want to use vinegar, take caution as it can be damaging in large amounts. You want to combine the vinegar with water and spray it throughout your hair. This is a great alternative for us curlies because it’s not as damaging due to our naturally thick texture. For brunettes who want to avoid the natural orange and red undertones that can surface when we lighten our hair, you’ll want to use white vinegar for cooler tones.


Baking Soda

You can make a paste using baking soda that will help take your hair from drab to fab. If you have ever used baking soda on your teeth then you’ve seen the power of it’s whitening effects that come from it’s potent chemical reaction. When you mix a tablespoon of baking soda with about ⅓ cup of water you’ll have the perfect paste that is primed to create magic for your hair. You can leave it on your hair for about 60 minutes for 1-2 shades lighter hair.


Sea Salt 

Saltwater isn’t just for dips in the ocean, it can work with your hair for a brighter tone. If you ever spent a day at the beach and took a swim, you’ve probably experienced the lightening effect it can have on your hair when it dries. You can recreate that effect at home by combining sea salt with warm water and letting it dry for about 20 minutes.



The delightful flower that makes a warm cup of tea can also be used to change the tone of your hair thanks to pigments in the petals apigenin. Apigenin is the perfect remedy for a gold tint that will keep you shining all summer long. You can use chamomile in water and apply it to your strands with a wide tooth comb. After it’s applied, you can activate the lightening agents by sitting out in the sun or using a hair dryer.


Lemon Juice

Ah the tried and true method of the old lemon trick. The acidity in lemon helps to lift your curls color by changing its pH levels. However; the acidity in lemon can burn your hair so you want to mix it with a conditioner that will give you moisture and nourishment. Lemon juice has a more subtle impact so if you are wanting a natural product with minimal lightening, this is your best bet, but keep in mind it does work better on lighter hair tones.


Honey + Cinnamon Mask

Twice the sweet with a little heat. Honey has a natural enzyme called glucose oxidase that works as its own lightener because it produces peroxide. Cinnamon is a safe lightening ingredient all on it’s own that doesn’t pose a risk to your hair. When you combine honey with this flavorful spice, you get a double boost of peroxide that is sure to lighten your strands. Combine honey, cinnamon, and olive oil (or conditioner for hydration”> and let it sit as a mask for about four hours with a shower cap. If you plan to use it overnight, make sure to put a towel over your pillowcase so it doesn’t stain.


Color just got more creative with natural products that you can find in your kitchen or at the grocery store. Here’s to lighter and brighter shades that you can create from the comforts of your home. What are your go-to natural tips for lightening your hair at home?

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