Self-care is an everyday activity for those of us in the natural hair community. We love to share our tips with one another, learn which skincare masks work miracles on fine lines, and which aromatherapy scents are ideal for wash day.

That's why I'm so excited to share real-life beauty hacks from some of the busiest women on the planet: New Yorkers!


I figured that if there's anyone on the planet who needs to take one moment to recharge her batteries and still look super duper fly, it's going to be a New Yorker.

And I wasn't wrong!


Watch the latest installment of CurlTalk TV. In it, these women share their beauty and self-care secrets!

What happened after hanging with the Tone Street Team for CurlTalk TV?


It was so inspiring to chat with native New Yorkers and Big Apple visitors about taking a single moment to care for themselves. Even though I had hardly any time to get prepared for the night's event, I absolutely had to shower, get dressed, and take a moment to breathe.

So of course, I grabbed my Island Vibes Body Scrub and Body Wash with Pineapple and Plumeria by Tone Skincare because I needed to look and feel my best. The scent alone helped to mellow my mood after ripping and running with the Tone Street Team in Herald Square just moments before.

The simple act of taking time to switch gears, freshen up, and center myself worked wonders for me before Texture on the Runway. It made me feel even more excited to hoof it to Gotham Hall, rockin' my custom-made threads and faux locs updo.


Certainly, you have a story similar to this: you're super busy, but refuse to let your care routine fall by the wayside. So, tell me about it!

How do you stay fresh, revived, and chillaxed in the concrete jungle? Don't live in a big city, but still have a busy lifestyle? Tell me how you take care of yourself!

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As ever, stay curly!