There's one thing I know for sure about textured hair:

It does not lay down nor does it stay down without putting in work!


Photo - Samantha Qeja

Another thing I know about textured hair is that when you do the work to make it smooth and shiny, the compliments flow like a waterfall.

Photo - Eye for Ebony

So, how can those of us with textured, kinky natural hair get those slicked edges, juicy coils, and dazzling declarations of curl love? What's the secret? 💁🏾💖

Photo - Alexis Chloe

The secret isn't really a secret at all. In fact, you'll need to add just one thing to your styling regimen: Shine ’n Jam’s New Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styler! This textured hair product is from my friends at Ampro, and you're going to love it because it's one of those multiuse stylers that will put in WORK no matter what style you wear.

My favorite things about this textured hair product are its:

  • Consistency - The consistency of the styler looks and feels like a cross between a lightweight gel and a hair serum giving your texture amazing slip for styling. It applies to the hair strands with ease, almost like water, and hold your curls in place.
  • Application - You won't go through the entire jar in one styling session! Since you're only using small amounts of the styler, you won't encounter flaking or gel casting (which makes textured hair look dull) when your wash and go dries. For long-lasting natural hairstyles like Bantu knots and cornrows, I recommend steaming your clean hair, adding a leave-in conditioner, letting it dry until the hair feels slightly damp, and then finger-combing a small amount of the styler in. This technique ensures that when you take down your Bantu knots and cornrows, your curls will be defined and moisturized. You'll also have an entirely new style!
  • Fragrance - Its scent gives me a "stunning sophisticate in the big city, basking in every iota of her magic" vibe 👗🏙If you want to wear it with your favorite body lotion or signature scent, it's pleasant enough to not clash with it.
  • Ingredients - Textured hair needs so much moisture that it's imperative for products to contain the best humectants and emollients. Without a doubt, the Shine ’n Jam’s New Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styler consistently delivers because it contains JBCO and flaxseed oil, both of which share amazing hydrating and moisturizing properties. Read about the benefits of each of these ingredients in the #Dare2Shine infographic (below) we made just for you to pin on your natural hair board!

Beautifully styled textured hair is a goal for every one of us. That's why I know you'll love the Shine ’n Jam’s New Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styler for your finger coils, Bantu knots, and more! It's one of those textured hair products that really make a difference when added to your style routine. I can't wait for you to try it!

Photo - Brio Photography

#Dare2Shine by celebrating your beautiful crown with our partners in styl® Ampro!

As ever, stay curly!