Antoinette Hill has been creating game-changing hairstyles for the past 20 years with Hollywood’s top talent. As a licensed cosmetologist and hair extension specialist she innovates and creates intricate hairstyles that have adorned the red carpet, magazine covers, fashion runways, and the small screen. Her specialization in weaving and extension techniques has allowed her to bring her client’s visions to life with box braids, sleek looks, and fishtail ponytails.

As one of the most sought-after celebrity stylists, her impressive portfolio with stars like Michaela Coel, Idris and Sabrina Elba, Law Roach, and Zendaya. We sat down to chat with Antoinette about her glamorous work with Zendaya and how to keep your curls frizz-free this summer.

What or who inspired you to become a stylist?

I have always wanted to be a hairstylist ever since I was a little girl. I started with doing cornrows for my older sister every Sunday for the school week.

How long have you been working with Zendaya and what have been notable projects you worked on?

I’ve worked with Zendaya for almost two years. I’ve styled Zendaya’s hair for the Venice Film Festival, the Cover of W Magazine, the Cover of Vogue Italia, the 2022 Oscar’s, the Cover of Time 100, Lancôme Campaigns, Bulgari Campaign, Smart Water Campaign, and Louis Vuitton Campaign, to name a few.

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If you could share 2-3 of your favorite summer styles she’s worn, what would they be and why?

Zendaya’s bob haircut is truly one of my favorite summer styles. It is a very versatile haircut that can be blown out straight or worn with its natural wavy texture. My other favorite hairstyle is when we add wavy clip-ins for added length. The clip-ins blend seamlessly with her natural wavy curl pattern. 

What inspires the summer styles (onscreen or off) that you’ve created for her?

The inspiration for her summer styles is a collaborative effort between Zendaya, her wardrobe stylist, and me. The chosen hairstyle is an accessory that compliments her entire look.

What are the hallmarks of styling curly hair during the summertime?

Styling curly hair during the summertime is made simple once you find the right products to assist with styling. My go-to brand for curly hair is Aunt Jackie’s, which has a wide range of products for all types of curly coily, and wavy textures.

Do you have a few tips in regard to tools or products you want to keep on hand during this season? 

Aunt Jackie’s is a staple brand that I use for defining curly patterns and eliminating Frizz. My signature favorites are Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La, Ice Curls, and Frizz Patrol.

Are there common mistakes or missteps you see naturalistas make with their curls doing the summertime?

The key to effortless, movable, frizz-free curls is moisture and serums added to styling routines while the curls/ waves are wet. Also, allowing the hair to dry without disturbing the texture is essential to a beautiful finish.

What advice or tips could give aspiring stylists looking to broaden their range with natural hair?

Stylists looking to broaden their range with natural hair takes lots of practice and observation. My advice is to approach styling natural hair in sections first with freshly cleansed and detangled hair. Then, assess what the end goal is for the texture you’re working with. Have a range of curly texture products available, like serums and curl creams. Lastly, the curl pattern will guide you on which way its natural direction wants to flow.