Jared “JStayReady” Henderson is a celebrity hairstylist who is the mastermind behind the iconic styles of global artists like Doja Cat, Normani, Saweetie, and Karol G who features on the Barbie soundtrack. As the brand ambassador for Professional Hair Labs, he’s helping lay, slay, and secure protective hairstyles such as extensions and custom wig units. We sat down to chat with him about the Barbie movement, hairstyles, and how we can channel our inner Barbie this summer.

The Barbie movement has come back in full swing with the release of the movie, how does Barbie appeal to the masses? 

I mean Barbie is an icon and has been for generations. Barbie sees absolutely no imitations as to what she can or cannot do – She’s the only girl I know who can perform surgery in the morning, fight fires in the afternoon, and be home to host a slamming pool party at her dream house in the evening. And not a hair will be out of place as she does it all! I believe that’s what’s most appealing about her to the masses. 

What summer trends are we seeing for Barbie-inspired hairstyles?

I’ve seen some amazing trends inspired by the film – including Barbie blonde hair color, Barbie-inspired blowouts, and of course, the iconic Barbie high-ponytail have all emerged this summer 

What are easy accessories you can add to your hair for a Barbie-inspired look?

Colorful clip-in hair extensions, colorful hair clips, and headbands are all easy accessories that can easily make your look Barbie-inspired. 

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What tools can you use at home to create a Barbie hairstyle?

Rollers, a big barrel curling iron, and hair ties are all great tools for creating Barbie-inspired hairstyles. But since I’m a wig guy, I’m always going to go for my GHOST BOND XL wig adhesive and use it to install a fun blonde or pink wig that will really create the ultimate Barbie fantasy. 

The diversity of the Barbie character is evolving, how do you create a Barbie look with natural hair?

Yes, she is! And we love to see it. For my natural hair girls who want to give Barbie-inspired hair, I’d use a bit of gel and do a twist-out or define your natural curls and accessorize it with a pink headband! 

When you think of modern-day Barbie figures, what celebrities come to mind?

It’s funny you mention it because growing up of course I was not really allowed to openly play with Barbies. So now I think of my beautiful clients such as Coco Jones, Winnie Harlow, and Kelly Rowland as my own personal life-sized black Barbies. I get to do their hair, make them all pretty, and send them out into the world to inspire and entertain the masses. 

Have there been any Barbie hair collections that have caught your attention?

YES! I’m obsessed with the Tangleteezer brushes, and the Barbie collection is so cute! I like to leave my clients with the pink mini brush to pop in their bags to use for touch-ups on the go after I’m gone.

Which Barbie-inspired looks will you try this summer?

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