The Founder of Sunday 2 Sunday Shares the Secret to a Successful Wash Day When Exercising With Natural Hair

When you think of your hair care routine, one day comes to mind…Sunday. In the natural community we often use Sunday to rest, relax, and rejuvenate for the week and usually give our hair a much needed wash. SUNDAY ll SUNDAY founder Keenan Beasley decided to honor and celebrate the sanctity of our challenging, but glorious wash day in his cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free hair collection that focuses on the scalp. Keenan’s development and inception of SUNDAY ll SUNDAY was inspired by his love of beauty and the women in his family who juggled many roles in their day to day life. He specifically cites that his mother specifically “Managed such a full life as an athlete, working professional, mom, friend and wife and she did that seamlessly and with so much grace. Her ability to move through life with grace and vigor was beautiful and inspiring to watch.”

This seamless transition between professional and personal roles reflected the active lifestyle that many women on-the-go experience as they are challenged to maintain their natural hair. SUNDAY ll SUNDAY is specifically geared towards active women and helping them maintain moisturize hair. The ingredients are formulated to ensure that moisture is maintained on the scalp and curls with infused oils (sunflower seed, argan, coconut, peppermint”>, minerals (alternis botanical complex, banana extract”>, and herbs(ginseng and tea tree leaf extract”>. This unique blend of ingredients works to moisturize the scalp and help alleviate the unwanted itching that can come with sweat and give your curls the much needed refresh they deserve.

The brand continues to empower and challenge women with active lifestyles by showcasing how each of their products can be used between workouts, during wash days, and how to care for your hair post-workout. Whether you’re getting your sweat on at the gym, keeping centered on a yoga mat, or doing laps in the pool, SUNDAY ll SUNDAY is here to save your scalp and your edges.

What makes your brand/collection unique?

SUNDAY II SUNDAY products are designed to help extend or ease the time between washes. This inevitably creates cost savings for our consumers who feel confident caring for their hair at home and can extend the longevity of some of those more costly styles. We are a digital first business focused on self-care and athleisure beauty.

The Founder of Sunday 2 Sunday Shares the Secret to a Successful Wash Day When Exercising With Natural Hair

What key ingredients did you choose to implement?

Our philosophy is that healthy hair starts at the scalp. Our proprietary ingredient Alternsis Botanical Complex, is a proprietary complex that helps manage sebum production at the scalp level and also replenishes and balances moisture at the scalp

What are three tips for protecting your hair when you are living an active lifestyle?

Moisture, moisture, moisture. Overwashing your hair can lead to dryness, breakage and overall fragile hair. We created our Moisture Balance Collection to provide that balance in maintaining the moisture levels in your hair after you sweat and improve the overall health of your scalp and hair without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

What is more important, the pre or post workout hair regimen? Why?

Great hair starts at the scalp and that’s pre workout. A great start makes for a stronger finish. Really moisturized hair is healthier and easy to manage.

What are some of the hardest lessons you’ve learned while building your brand and what did they teach you?

I had to embrace the tough times and learn to look forward to them because those tough lessons are the best ones. My ability to process those and make improvements has become a superpower. 

Top tips to grow your business?

Become problem obsessed. Growth often comes from understanding and solving problems both internally and externally. My job as a founder is to remove blockage.

Best advice for other entrepreneurs…

Stay passionate and stay curious. I focus on solving problems for the consumers that we serve, which inevitably means that I’m hyper aware and sensitive to their needs. I think great brands are built off of empathy and love. 

What legacy do you strive to leave?

I’m really passionate about humanizing and highlighting the beauty of the black experience to the world. I’m striving to shine a light on black culture and showcase it as a driver for global culture.

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