Try The MAP Method for Your Curly Frustration

Who is Scott Musgrave?

Scott Musgrave is widely touted as the “East Coast Curly Hair Specialist” and is responsible for a range of innovations for caring for curly hair including the CURLYS Method, the MagiCurl Application Process (MAP”> and the Curly Hair Artistry group. Curly Hair Artistry is owned and operated by Scott as an Advanced Education Company providing live training, courses and mentoring in how to work with all types of curly hair. Scott shared with us the incentive behind the MAP method and why it works.

The gap in wavy hair education

Scott explains that he noticed that there was a big gap in the curly hair niche industry when it came to helping those with loose wavy hair. A few years back, online advice for people with this kind of texture was hard to find and, in the salon, they were treated like they had straight hair. 

“When they searched for help online,” he says, “they found an abundance of videos and blogs sharing about tighter curls and products that did not apply to them. Many of these people reached out to me asking for help, so I created tips, techniques and methods to serve them. However, while my online course called Cultivate Your Curls is mainly for loose wavy to curly hair, I have many clients with tight curls doing The MAP Method with great success.”

Try The MAP Method for Your Curly Frustration

What inspired Cultivate Your Curls & The MAP Method?

“The inspiration for developing The MAP Method was based on my clients trying other methods and tutorials on YouTube/Instagram and being frustrated with the results. They were having continual issues with dryness, frizz or the hair not feeling nice and soft. I would explain to them that each person’s hair is unique and there are a few different things going on one head of hair – from different wavy and curly formations, textures and densities. You must learn to use your intuition – what I call your Inner Curl Mentor (ICM”> to guide you as to what you need. Once you understand and practice this principle, you will know how to manage your hair for the rest of your life. In my Cultivate Your Curls course, I explain how to awaken your ICM with the MAP method; with practice of thirty days or so you will have a customized way of working with your hair.”

How to Cultivate Your Curls 

Scott explains that in order to start to Cultivate Your Curls, you need to begin with clean, detoxed hair. He says that learning to detox can solve some issues when it’s hard to determine what is not working for you. You may need to detox from ingredients in your products or hard water build-up among other factors.

“There are a lot of options for detoxing now compared to when I first taught this and a lot of conflicting information; I wanted to keep how and when to detox simple and clear,” Scott explains. 

From the detox stage, you move on to other steps including proper cleansing of the scalp and hair, and how to apply your styling products. This process is unique for each person, which is why Scott stresses that you practise for thirty days. 

“You need to find out what works and what frustrates you and to share that with me or our Facebook community,” Scott emphasises, “I really stress the importance of not just sharing great results but to also share what is not working for you. The MAP Method will help you to get past the frustration and find a solution. This is so liberating as you don’t need to go to another YouTube video or Instagram post or buy another product – you just need to learn to use what you have and find out what is not working so that you can have confidence to know what to buy next time. This has helped many in our community to save a lot of money from knowing what to buy instead of guessing what to buy.”

The MAP Method vs. The Curly Girl Method?

Scott is keen to stress that the MAP method is not better than other methods out there that may already be working for many people.

“I wanted to create something that works with The Curly Girl Method,” he says, “and other methods as well. I have a lot of respect for the CGM and what was not helping those with CGM inspired me to come up with The MAP Method and fill in the gaps.”

He is adamant that if you have a great routine with CGM then you do not need Cultivate Your Curls – but if you are having frustrations then CYC can help. 

CYC “brings a sense of freedom to be who you are born to be instead of feeling like you need to be ‘fixed’ or that there is something wrong with you. A major benefit of Cultivate Your Curls is confidence and a sense of dignity”. 

“Cultivate Your Curls is not better than other methods, it is just different. I have many clients not aware of any other methods and they come into CYC with an open mind. They therefore learn from the start about how to manage their hair and have great success, so no other knowledge is necessary as CYC has everything you need for beautiful hair.”

Scott explains that the main benefits of working with CYC is that your hair gets better over time and if you have an issue with something not working for you, you are equipped with the confidence to know what to do about it. In addition, he’s found that most participants in CYC save more money in the long run because once they know what works for their hair, they move on from the obsession of spending time and money on finding the next new product. This can free up time for other areas of life which, according to Scott, “brings a sense of freedom to be who you are born to be instead of feeling like you need to be ‘fixed’ or that there is something wrong with you. A major benefit of Cultivate Your Curls is confidence and a sense of dignity”. 

For more information on Cultivate Your Curls – check out Curly Hair Artistry.

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