Women deserve to be celebrated fearlessly and complimented often, and in a time where loving your fellow woman as a peer and as a completely admirable human being, we are continuing to create positivity around our womanhood. Compliments from other women can be among the most genuine and most memorable experiences  in our lives, and then intention behind these compliments make them stick that much more. So hold your girl gang real close, tell them you love them, and share these 20 words of affirmation with your babes to remind them and yourself just how much women matter and just how much the world needs our magic. #NaturallyCurlyCelebratesWomanhood

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  1. "I am proud of you, I value you, I support you and I love you.
  2. "You have good energy/Your aura is so bright/Your vibe is so dope. 
  3. "I'm glad to have you in my life." 
  4. "You make me laugh. You are so witty."
  5. "You're such an inspiration."
  6. "You make me want to be better at XYZ..."
  7. "I love your hair. Your curls are so beautiful."
  8. "I appreciate your optimism. You have a positive spirit."
  9. "You have an unsurmountable work ethic."
  10. "You are incredibly wise, and I appreciate your knowledge."
    Photo Courtesy of CreateHer
  11. "You are fearless in your endeavors."
  12. "You matter."
  13. "Your aesthetic is everything! What a look!"
  14. "I admire your confidence and body positivity."
  15. "I really admire how you stand by your ideals and beliefs."
  16. "You are incredibly encouraging."
  17. "You are talented, and the world deserves your work."
  18. "You’re an amazing mother/partner/friend/lover."
  19. "Your skin is perfection!"
  20. "You are unapologetic in your being and your fierceness is inspiring."

What are your favorite compliments to hear?

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