Need to catch the eye of your own Don Draper? Check out these Mad Men inspired looks!

Mod Cloth Skirt

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We feel very "Joan Clever" when we see this skirt, but if you can't whip up a pot roast in zero time flat, then grab some drinks with the girls in this fun frill!

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Megan Dorcey

There's something wonderful about groomed hair and powerful clothes. It's what makes real style, no matter what the era. These pieces are really classic and versatile.

@Chevelure - Are you serious? These looks are easily updated for 2010. For example, that blue coat combined with a skirt and knee-high, heeled boots is something I'd see on any overcast day here in San Francisco.

I enjoy "Mad Men." As drama and social commentary, not as a style guide for me, today, in 2010.